At the age of 22, with Morrison Butler, I started Market & Convert, focused on helping Small Businesses around the Outer Banks create better opportunities online. We built a full-service agency with no investment other than our time.

Now, I’m charging of building a similar agency – this time, in-house, at NECA. Their results-driven structure motivates and challenges me every step of the way.

I have a unique set of skills, as I’m able to converge different departments to create digital marketing plans and coordinate their execution. When necessary, designing websites, running their SEO campaign, and creating their social presence.

This Blog

Here I share pretty much anything that crosses my mind with enough intensity (or in the proper timing) to get me to write about it. Updates are not as frequent as I’d like, but I’m working on it. This content is unfiltered and doesnt reflect anybody’s views but mine.

Last updated – 10/29/2012

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Leo,

    Nice blog you have here. You wrote, “How can anyone wait until their 30’s to enjoy financial freedom?” Hah, when I turned 30 I was thinking to myself, How can anyone wait until their 40s to enjoy financial freedom? And so the seeds were first planted and we’re on our way.

    Life shouldn’t be this hard. I also agree with your philosophy about personal development. I’ve been soaking up personal development since September, and it is a positive outlook. Be well. It was nice to stop here at your blog.

  2. Hi Leo,
    I like your blog- I was reading it and we have quite a few things in common- Im 22, in Lifepath, and I’m in to boxing.
    I’ve been in LifePath for 5 or so months now. I agree with your comments regarding the thankyou page after opting in….I’m building a training centre for my LifePath site, and its going to be password protected- i was thinking of giving out the password after people opt in so they can get a better look at what I’m offering….

    1. Hey Matt,
      I’m glad you liked the blog!
      It’s great to meet other young entrepreneurs like you, how about we exchange some marketing ideas?
      add me on twitter – /leosaraceni – or skype: leosaraceni

      Look forward to hearing from you.

  3. Wow Leo, you really look like you are in the right path. The right path to unlimited success and at an early age too :-). Keep doing what you are doing. Stay focused, there is nothing better than working for yourself. You have a great blog, thanks for sharing.

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