Become the Master of Your Reality

Mike Dillard’s last newsletter hit the spot on successful mindsets. He is absolutely right when he states that we’re conditioned to be successful – or not. We create the reality we live in, with whatever boundaries we decide to obey. Obeying the reality of a $20,000/year earner, you will never allow yourself to earn $600,000. Or even $100,000.

It is necessary that the reality we live on truly embraces our goals. When your goals are, according to your own reality, unachievable, they will surely be unachievable. Like the Matrix, bend the reality to incorporate paths toward your goals: meet the right people, attract the right people, be opened to new experiences/contacts, and stop living like worker bees.

When I first read it, I felt frustrated, because it made me aware that I was sabotaging my own success by not accepting how successful I am already. Yeap, I have a beautiful family, I eat very well, my wife and I drive brand new cars, we are attending college with an excellent GPA in a non-birth language, and we are raising the most beautiful baby ever!

The Saraceni Family with the Albemarle Sound in the Backgroung

The Saraceni Family with the Albemarle Sound in the Backgroung

Sometimes it is very easy to let your sucesses be overshadowed by the regular bumps on the road. The fact that I started MLM about a month ago, and I’m still not a millionaire, should not bum me down. Or bum anybody down, for that matter. I will be a millionaire, soon, because I have everything necessary to attract the right people. Nobody gets filthy rich in a month.

The message Mike delivered is inspiring, but also a warning: we all have to be the masters of our reality. It is within ourselves to do so.

I’ve completely changed my life-style by stretching my reality and becoming my own boss. I’ve found a company that destroyed my believes and offered me a path to success.

Leonardo Saraceni
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