Don Fleece & Traffic Mysteries 2.0 – He’s Got Your Next Million

Apparently, Don Fleece is that one guy you missed when studying Marketing Gurus.

He taught Eben Pagan how to sell, and he baby-sat Jon Reese way before he launched Traffic Secre.ts 2.0.

Now, Don Fleece got tired of Jon Reese’s attitude and launched his own, way-better, arse-kicking Traffic Mysteries 2.0. I already know how much money I am going to make by affiliating with Don.

I thought you should know it too. Run! Before he decides he’s got too much money already.

By the way, Don is always giving us poor mortals bits of widsom at the Better Networker. You should be there!

2 thoughts on “Don Fleece & Traffic Mysteries 2.0 – He’s Got Your Next Million”

  1. This could actually be a sham from a guru just to show us how effective the proper launch strategy can be. Just think, if there is nothing to this, other then to show you that the launch formula works. I mean mystery, videos, comments, social marketing, controversy, big names dropped (even though they aren’t promoting it), most of the comments on blogs, youtube, social sites, and forums could be “paid for” blurbs, to make this seem bigger and more talked about then it actually is. The whole name thing is genius. I mean who “pulled the wool (fleece) over your eyes” “have we all been fleeced”. Even more genius that it plays off the name of a guru, plus the Traffic Mysteries/Traffic Secrets thing is just too contrived. Or is it. I am wondering if this is actually Reece’s or Kern’s way of bragging and showing you that he can generate a traffic stampede with his methods, even with a sham product. Just my opinion. If I have figured this out please make me a part of your inner circle and incorporate me into the Guru Club lol I need to be mentored.

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