It’s Official Now – Don Fleece’s Domination Starts Christmas Day

In a swift move, Don Fleece launched his personal website, and he is planning his release for Christmas Day.

The information marketing industry as we know shall tremble; this is THE launch for 2009 – Traffic Mysteries 2.0 will revolutionize the way you design your SEO, will cheapen all PPC campaigns, and rake in all the profits from adsense.

Don opened a temporary opt-in form at this website. Only a few will have this opportunity. You should stop reading now and sign in!

P.S – Some content has been leak into the discussions of the Better Networker. That is all I can say.

2 thoughts on “It’s Official Now – Don Fleece’s Domination Starts Christmas Day”

  1. Don’s had to take the whole operation back to the underground. He got such an overwhelming response and he realized he was about to destroy all the people he has helped obtain guru status and didn’t want to put them all out of business. Don is a true humanitarian.

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