Inside Google – Interview with Google Developer

I’m going to suggest everybody listens to this interview carefully, because it is VERY intense.

My friend Fernando Ceballos recommended it in the Better Networker forum, and as I listened to it, my mind almost exploded.

It reveals the future of Google’s Open Social, Open ID and Data Portability projects, as well as explains the ideas for XFN mark ups and FOAF. It is major for folks like us, who depend on SEO to advertise, and to generate traffic. After all, SEO brings us business!

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One thought on “Inside Google – Interview with Google Developer”

  1. Hey dude,

    Great post. Looks like you are building a valuable resource for people here.

    I recommend you transfer this content over to a wordpress blog hosted on your own server. They will eventually shut your blog down displaying the banner ads. (I speak from personal experience.) 😉

    Keep up the great work. I saw your post on Better Networker. Solid recap and understanding. Very impressive.


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