Old-School MLM? Darwin WILL hunt you!

Another post ignited by an amazing discussion at the better networker:

This is one of the most insightful takes on “old-school mlm” meaning buying leads/cold-calling/plasttering business cards/using valpak coupons – vs “new-school marketing”meaning leveraging an expert positioning to create attraction towards your area of expertise/cultivating your relationships/offering the most value.

This is a touchy topic, as I just had an interesting conversation with my own very successful upline, who is as I write this putting together a social media plan to improve his personal brand equity and to open an exclusive contact media for his large team.

As we were discussing his plan, I had the opportunity to point out the importance of developing relationships, instead of business transactions; creating multiple communication channels, and leveraging his knowledge and tenacity towards an easier-to-manage daily operation.

We as marketers, self-motivated, independently funded, tend to see ourselves as the outsiders; we’re all creating our 4-hour workweek, away from corporate america, dressed in our jeans and tshirt, loaded with a laptop and ideas! In reality, our community is only part of a vanguard movement brought upon us by the dissemination of the internet (social media, we love you!) But that doesn’t change the fact that the consumer’s society has greatly evolved in the past 5-6 years, drastically lowering the effectiveness of cold-calling, door-hanger coupons, sticky-cards on windshields and all that cr#p!

With the ever-increasing individualism being praised by an ever-more self-sufficient community (with an iPhone I can keep my business up without any actual human contact), people have just lost their patience with non-targeted messages: who the hell still reads mail addressed to “Dear Homeowner” or actually believes Valpak coupons are efficient?

My point with this amazingly out-of-context post is that there shouldn’t be any surprise “old school” marketers are changing their ways: it’s Darwinism applied to networking, only the well-positioned, social-media-savvy, ethical and generous will survive.

So hang your worn-out phone, your post cards, and even your fax machine: upgrade to a lightweight laptop, sit in your favorite smoothie bar and enjoy evolution!

To unbelievably weird posts at 3:00am,

Leo Saraceni

P.S – I’d save the phone from going on the trash, tough tempting: your new enjoyment of social media will generate some of the most amazing conversations through that piece of plastic “old-schoolers” created their business around.

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