The PPC Domination Launch and Why You’re Wasting Money!

Unless you’ve been living under an internet-free rock, you’ve probably heard of Mike Dillard’s new launch, PPC Domination.

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A quick background on Mike’s protocol for these products will tell you he not only offers his own knowledge, but he brings only the best professionals into play.

Mark Wieser, the sponsoring phenomena, is the man for Black Belt Recruiting; Tim Erway is one of his partners for the amazing Traffic Formula; and now he’s bringing Jim Yaghi to lead PPC Domination.

If you stop reading now, you’re wasting your money by even having an internet connection. You NEED this, and you WILL thank me for it.
Straight out, I wanna say Jim is awesome. I’ve become a big fan of his because of his blunt honest way, his amazing knowledge of internet marketing and his willingness to share it all unselfishly.

PPC Dominations Instructor
PPC Domination's Instructor Jim Yaghi

During the beta launch for PPC Domination about 3 months ago, I had the chance to connect with Jim at the Better Networker forum, and we extend our talk to Facebook. Truly great fellow, very funny, and a genious in PPC.

What Jim has developed for the course is by far (and I will include Perry Marshall’s book in this statement) the most comprehensive guide to Adwords.

In his videos, he shares several of his own techniques, no holding back, all captured from his screen, without editing or scratching any good stuff out.

So here’s what I accomplished with Jim’s guidance:

  • Finally learned how to keep absolut track of my costs
  • Learned amazing new tools (and how to efficiently use some old ones) to perform keyword research
  • Got a much better idea of copywriting under 35 characters (pretty hard stuff!)
  • How to keep my quality score high enough to get clicks for less than 0.30
  • How to create an entire campaign with long-tail keywords using only phrase or exact match
  • Secret tools to generate misspelled keywords that cost less than .50c!
  • The contrast approach: how to use keyword boldening to my favor and make my ad stand out even for competitive keywords.
  • When to properly utilize keywords in my ad copy/headline

But the best thing for me is that I was able to take this knowledge and build a system from which I actually get money back from the leads I generate. Before I ever get on the phone, the highly targeted traffic I generate jumps on my front-end offers, completely covering all my costs.

At the end of about 60 days, I had completely paid off my original costs, and I averaged $0.78 from EACH AND EVERY LEAD. It’s not a lot, but this means my advertisement (and some additional expenses) are PAID FOR without my money!

I could not thank Jim enough.  PPC Domination launches Monday 19th. Be there!

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