Finally a Real Marketing System/Plan/Blueprint

One of my goals for 2009 is to start a new brand, and implement an automated marketing system that would make Mike Dillard and Jay Kubassek ask me for advice.

The first drawing of my marketing system was made about 3 days ago, and while I was rounding up feedback from experienced marketers that I trust, some additions were made. This is not – by far – the ultimate plan, but I wanted to open the debate to other networkers, as I have never seen any marketing expert publicize their plans.

2009 Marketing System
2009 Marketing System

So, my Social Media participation is on the top – it is the beginning of my customer experience cycle

These actions point towards the welcome page, which will be a blog (for easy update purposes – Im an html illiterate) – The blog will host valuable free content, as I do with this one already, but highly focused information.

From the blog, targeted readers would then be redirected to lead capture pages, which have been designed to solve specific “pains” – each page will lead to an appropriate product. (im listing Mike’s products here, but these are just examples)

Before they get to the final product page, however, their information is captured into my autoresponder; in order to provide great CRM (Customer Relationship Management), I will bluntly offer tons of free training, to build value towards my brand equity & to strengthen my market share on the customers’ Inbox.

The autoresponder training also points to an specific product, as an “if you would like to know more, check this out”.

Notice that the “free-training” does not stop at week 4 – it goes on indefinitely, which leads me my next domination plan:

With this marketing system integration in place, running smoothly thanks to my “social media – one hour a day” efforts, my brand equity will explode without me blowing my budget – and the “free-training” slots could be occupied by future joint-ventures.

This is the basis upon which Mike Filsaime, Frank Kern, Yanik Silver, and others will acknowledge me as THE super affiliate.  Coming soon to your inbox.

Better Networkers, please respond at this thread:

2 thoughts on “Finally a Real Marketing System/Plan/Blueprint”

  1. Hello Leo –

    I would say so far so good. It is interesting to map out your funnel and look for additional opportunities to add value to those you attract. I am curious as to the business opportunity at the bottom and if you make any direct sales offer for the primary program early in your communications. I would like to see your progress as you evolve this model.

    Thank you for sharing this model!


    1. Hey James, thanks for stopping by. I wonder exactly how you ended up on this post, because it’s about a year old. A lot has changed on my business, as it evolved into a full marketing agency. The business opportunity is no longer there – it’s been replaced by a complete suite of web development/marketing offered by my company.

      I checked your blog, and you have a lot of quality content there. But you may want to work on reducing the width of your content to fit into your theme. Or expanding your theme 😉

      Feel free to email me if you want to talk more.


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