ROI on Big Budget Ads – Is There an Effective Tracking Method?

I was visiting Chris Brogan’s blog and his latest post discussed how a company like Samsung would be able to track the conversions of their free laptop/phone charging station at the Logan Airport.

And that reignited something I started thinking about ever since I started managing my own marketing campaigns: how do big budget companies track their conversions?

Honestly, how can you tell that $54mil Superbowl Ad is generating revenue? Most of the time, it generates a lot of buzz on Youtube, and it ends up monetizing the ad agency. Or how do you justify UPS sponsoring ESPN’s sportcenter? Do they have proof that american football fans will use UPS for their next shipping needs?

I understand that once you’re a national brand, you start worrying much more about positioning, brand presence, brand reputation, and customer’s responses; but how can they actually tell if a campaign is successful or not, when the Superbowl Ad runs at the same time as the Time/Newsweek double-page insert?

Please enlighten me as to how in the world does Miller Brewing Co. expects people to drink more of their beer just because they’re on every game’s commercial breaks? How can they determine their effectiveness in stealing market share from Bud light?

It seems to me that once you reach that $300 million yearly marketing budget, you’re left with no choice but mass media. That sounds so old school!

How come these companies fail to realize Obama’s campaign’s success through Social Media? How can they not be focusing on direct response marketing, smart localized interactive campaigns, and customer’s responses?

I’d love to be educated on the subject.

My associates are always surprised when they see a big part of my emails are not blasted to my whole list. I actually send individual, personalized messages, that concern only those I feel like would benefit from it. I hardly ever send generic messages, except for stuff like schedule changes, or company’s events. I have only my own success to base on. Can you tell me differently?

Tell me how wrong I am, leave a comment.

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