Simplify – My Delayed New Year’s Post

Shamelessly taken from Valeria Maltoni, of the Conversation Agent

“Make everything simpler.

You may feel overwhelmed by all the promises of this brand new year. How to keep them all? The answer is right in front of you: simplify. Complexity slows you down.

Do more of less. Focus on what you know is important. Resist the temptation to fill your schedule to the brim. Instead, sip the sweet moments of chance and rest.

Carry yourself gracefully and professionally.

And you will find that your voice carries farther.

There is strength in restraint and there is a time for every purpose – in business and in life. Choose wisely. I prefer to be kind to being right.

Find meaning by giving meaning.

Many are probably feeling indigestion from all the social networking and marketing. Think more attraction and purpose, less vying for positions or seeking definitions.

Social media may not be an organization per se, however is it akin to an organism where both the projects and the people need to be fulfilled. We get the kind of network we deserve, after all.

Launch and learn.

Get your ideas done. Choose fewer of them and really go at it. Set standards and find a pace for yourself – then hold yourself to them.

Don’t fear mistakes, welcome them. They will help you become more resilient and flexible – in some cases even kinder. Nothing like the fresh breeze of reality to energize our purpose. Adapt your plan to circumstances and keep going.

Action speaks louder than words. Make it positive. Teach. Lead. Learn. Love.”

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