What is a Funded Proposal And How to Apply It to Network Marketing

You wouldn’t ask a stranger on the mall: will you marry me?

Gain Credibility In the Eyes of Your Leads
Gain Credibility In the Eyes of Your Leads

First, you’d develop the foundation for a successful relationship, by gaining trust and getting to know each other. In MLM, the difference is that a successful proposal involves much less money than a diamond ring would.

In a funded proposal, basically, you’re offering your prospects an up-front opportunity to get an idea of what you as an expert has to offer; how you would kill your prospect’s pain; and why should they trust you.

Instead of throwing your biz opportunity at your prospects and expecting them to jump in the nuptial bed with you, which is how most marketers propose their businesses, a successful funded proposal begins with an inexpensive, value-packed offer that would ease your prospects towards you.

An effective funded-proposal will get leads interested on you, giving you enough credibility to attract them into your business opportunity without hardselling.

But the beauty of it is that your customers will pay to hear what you have to say! At the end of the day, you not only generated leads, but you also generated enough cash out of those leads that your Adwords bill is PAID FOR!

A good example of how to leverage of your funded proposal can be found on Your Income Potential.

There, I show you how a FREE BOOK can be so valuable, that I am able to cover my advertising costs without much effort at all.

Even if you’re not in network marketing per se, it can be a fun and profitable activity to do on the weekends; a funded proposal can be successfully marketed as the final product, without the need for a sales funnel or business opportunity. It can also become your entry door to internet marketing.

Anyway, it’s worth the effort.

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