How To Build A List For Email Marketing Quick: ViralUrl Results

Increase Your Asset - Grow an Active List
Increase Your Asset - Grow an Active List

The most important asset a internet marketer has is a responsive list of customers. Whether on email, twitter, or facebook, building a list of active subscribers is a strategy that any marketer should focus on since the beginning.

The average list-building experience starts slowly, as traffic starts pouring into landing pages and prospects subscribe to your list.

However, this strategy can be frustrating in the beginning, while traffic is still shy.

That’s when a respected list-building platform comes in handy. List-builders are communities of professionals that subscribe (or buy access) to receive and send messages within the community. Basically, List-Builders are a pool of like-minded professionals looking to improve their businesses, get more traffic, and make more money.

My Favorite List-Builder

I’ve written before about my results with list-builders before, so today I want to share specifically my results with ViralUrl.

For $197/year, ViralUrl allows email blasts every 3 days to 3000 random members in their list.

I’ve been utilizing their services since february, and I’m very satisfied with the results.

Previously, I’d been promoting Magnetic Sponsoring, because of the high conversion rates, and for each blast, I’d generate 10+ leads and about a sale/week from MS alone. That’s $80/month, which would cover my initial investment in 2.5 months, leaving me 9.5 months to profit from the ViralUrl services.

Now, I’ve switched the focus to my own training, the Expand Your Income manual – and even though my landing page does not convert as well as Mike Dillard’s (what’s new?) the prospects I receive are much more targeted because they want to know ME, not magnetic sponsoring or Mike Dillard.

So here are the updated results: depending on my email copy (I keep experimenting, which makes for a lower average), I may get anywhere from 100-150 visits, and 6-10 leads. I understand this is not outrageously effective, but it brings me great prospects, and I’m building my own list, expanding the reach of personal branding even further.

If you’re just starting up, and you’re not yet getting the traffic you want, I highly recommend ViralUrl. And if you have a bit more to invest, you can get multiple accounts, and send blasts everyday!

Either way, be sure to offer something valuable in exchange for your opt-ins. Folks in list-building services are already in the industry and are probably not looking for another home business – they’re looking for training, consulting, tips.. So provide them with something highly beneficial and your results will speak for themselves.

To growing your list the smart way,

Leo Saraceni

P.S – ViralUrl also offers an effective url cloaking service (for free, even if you dont join their paid membership) that is great to mask affiliate links and protect your commissions. Check it out:

Mastering Personal Enemies – Celebrate Your Inner Demons

Get more results by facing your fears
Get more results by facing your fears

Do you know the feeling of accomplishment you get when you – well, accomplish something MAJOR?

I have my heart pumping right now because I’ve completed a goal that took me 8 months to finish, a lot of sweat, tears, and MONEY, and now it’s finally finished.

There were plenty of times when I considered giving up, when I doubted myself, the entire book, my capabilities…

There were days I wouldn’t even want to be reminded of it – I’d avoid looking at the document icon on my desktop, and would occupy myself with a million other things.

Eventually, there were no excuses left and I’d concentrate on it for hours on end; or I’d assist somebody in my organization with a specific concern, and decide to include it in the last minute.

The saying “you are your worst enemy” applied to every step of the way, and I struggled with my own mindset more often than I like to remember; for me, it’s 1000 times easier to find defects than to praise the benefits.

Being critical of your own work is important, and recognizing your flaws allows for a honest, humble assessment. However, it was dangerously easy to let criticism be an obstacle to my workflow – I was blocking my own success.

Finally, when I had my back against the wall, with no where else to run, I had to fight myself, and I won. The obstacles are still there, the criticism still surfaces every so often, but I am a master of my own domain now.


The Expand Your Income manual is on beta launch at this moment, as the grand launch will take place in May. Limited copies will be available, and a special gift follows every purchase.

And here’s what the future holds:

  • A fully functional backoffice for affiliates –
  • massive 80% commission programs –
  • and much more!

Stay tuned, because as I fight my demons,  you’re the main beneficiary.

To powerfully clean mindsets,
Leo Saraceni

Value, Education & Humor In Your Marketing: Heineken & Network Marketing

Im sure you all know by now we’re supposed to offer more than a product/service – as network marketers, we offer guidance, possibility, training, insight, and information.

We all are bombarded with different “sources” of this education, whether online or from friends, family, teachers, and colleagues, but each has its own “influence level”, according to the amount of respect we give to each source.

How about an educator that makes you laugh?

Even though laugh is not enough to make you respect anybody, humor is the most effective way to break down initial barriers and capture one’s attention; follow me on this thought:

Remember that one cool teacher, whose lecture went by faster than others, in whose test you did much better without extra effort, or whose topic you were always motivated to study?

How much would you value his advice? How much of his discipline do you remember? I bet it’s more than all the other “normal” teachers put together.

When it comes to network marketing, the same concept applies, meaning that regular knowledge sources (gurus) are boring, average, and common. The exceptional ones are the Kerns, the Dillards, the Reeses, who add not only personality to whatever they’re doing, but know how to have fun doing it.

And that is my secret for today:

if you make your prospects laugh, you’ve broken the barriers and conquered that individual’s full attention.

Tone your messages, write ads that stir away from “formulas” and add something unusual. Do use colloquialism and spoken grammar on your articles, and dont be afraid to make fun of yourself.

I saw the following note on Ben Settle’s blog, it’s a snippet from Jim Yaghi, Adword’s specialist:

Hey Ben,

thanks a lot for that! awesome. I actually use cartoons when trying to come up with graphical descriptions for that very reason. They also allow you to tap into a prospect’s inner child as they remember images like “seeing stars” when hit on the head, or the bump that grows on someone’s head when hit by a hammer, or the way people drift on the scent of sizzling sausages :)


Be honest: who here has ever thought of getting inspiration from Comic Books? Does anybody here even read comics anymore?

That is the kind of “spin” that separates common from unique, just-another-one from yes-this-guy/girl-rocks! And that is something anybody can do, with a TINY BIT of creativity.

Of course, in the world of mass media & mass budgets, fun has been with us for quite a while (the gosh-darnet Superbowl ads), but I picked this Heineken ad to show how Educating & Promoting are aligned with Humor. It’s almost like a Public Service Announcement, but fun.

Leave me your opinion – what have you done that made your prospects laugh lately?

Is There Such A Thing As Duplication on MLM/Network Marketing?

MLM Duplication Is A Legend
MLM Duplication Is A Legend

When I first started, I did believe that a magical system would find my leads, close them, and just send me the money.

That’s exactly why I signed up with a premium company, because I thought they had the most magical system.

When I realized there is no “automated money system”, I converted my faith to my sponsor. I thought that was the guy who was going to share with me the secret and take me by the hand to the millionaire land.

And he did. He explained everything he does, how he does it, and he even GAVE ME LEADS! I listened to him talking to prospects, I looked into his Adwords campaign, and asked all possible questions.

I applied everything he taught me. I ran my first adwords campaign – on a replicated company website – until my credit card maxed out at $1500. I still go back and look at that first adwords account – I actually paid $11 PER CLICK on a certain keyword.

I did generate leads, and I called all of them, following the script my sponsor passed on to me, only to achieve ZERO results.

So I narrowed my errors to the company-replicated website – I went out and got a decent site. I also decided that 15 minutes of Adwords training weren’t going to cut, so I bought Jim Yaghi’s PPC Domination.

Now, I had a great site, and quite a bit of knowledge regarding PPC. Exactly how my sponsor did.

Still, I had no results – few leads, ZERO conversions, NEGATIVE profits. How? How?

When I contacted my sponsor, the guy I was trying to copy, he looked over my entire marketing and said:

“dude, you’re doing everything I do. There’s nothing else to say! Try to find better keywords, and practice your phone skills”

That’s when it hit me: I CAN’T BE MY SPONSOR. There’s no CTRL+C and CTRL+V when it comes to running a business – even McDonald’s’ franchises have different results. And I should’ve known this, because my father owned a restaurant franchise for almost 10 years and he only succeeded when he opened his own.

There is no Duplication. When I hear marketers talking about “keep it simple, so others can do the same” or “blueprints to success” it bothers me for two reasons:

  1. Do they actually believe their success can be replicated? How many of their downlines actually did?
  2. Are they a duplicated product? If so, what would keep me from going straight to THEIR upline? To the source?

The concept of duplication is nothing more than a legend.

If you’re new to network marketing, or if you’re a veteran training your team, FORGET DUPLICATION and focus on EDUCATION. Learn (or teach) as much as you can, from as many different sources as possible, and apply it in a manner customized for your business.

To paraphrase that common saying:

“give your prospect a formula, and he may eat today; give him the tools to create his own formula, and he will feast forever”

Honest Copywriting – I am Converted!

honest copywriting is fundamental
honest copywriting is fundamental

This is something  I came across, and if I weren’t educated on the law of attraction, I would consider a coincidence:

Well, first of all, I believe that if I want my words to sell a product,
that product should be strong enough to do so without tricking the buyer. I
know that if I trick someone, I may make a sale — but I’ve lost a customer
for life! Whereas if I show the merits, back up my claims, and focus on the
way this product solves a problem, eases a hurt or fear, or satisfies a
need, I will build that lifetime relationship.

Oh, and one more thing. I like to look in the mirror and see someone who is
doing good for the world — and I don’t think lies and trickery will
accomplish that. I happen to have a gift for writing, and I use that gift to
make the world better. That includes being honest with myself and with my

This quote, from Shel Horowitz, touches a very personal aspect for me – I have lied way too many times, not just on my copywriting. Because I always considered myself smart enough to control the outcome of any lie, I never actually bothered to prevent it.

As long as I can defuse the bomb, why would I not plant the bomb there in the first place?

Well, the bomb went off and it affected more than just me.

I learned a valuable lesson, and the consequences are taking rapid control of my actions:

My Your Income Potential project has been changed, and it does not have any more “hyped” statements – it does not mention WEALTH, or MONEY, or RICH. It does not mention my finances or what I can do for yours.

What it does say is how much value I have to offer to serious business partners, and how much I dedicate myself to empowering other entrepreneurs in their journey.

And that is how I will address all copywriting – honestly.

I invite you to join me.

Who Wants To Be A Tool? Learn How To Become A Solution!

Stop being a tool - Become a solution
Stop being a tool - Become a solution

I received yet another bogus email this morning, and the only reason I opened it was to get inspiration to advise against this evil practice. What I’m talking about is the silly “my company is awesome” email that most network marketers seem to have on their autoresponders.

It usually starts like this:

“hey [name], thanks for stopping by my website, and congratulations on blah blah blah […] our company has been in the market for [insert years here], has been featured on [pick from: Oprah, CNN, Mad Money], and our market grows by $1 Billion/MINUTE!”

So here’s the fundamental mistake on these bogus emails:

They are TOOLS – basically, their company uses them to promote the company’s solution. Let’s address this:

Most marketers fail to notice that they are NOT Representatives. They are not salespeople, per se. As a marketer, your objective is to PROMOTE A SOLUTION.

You, my friend, is a RESOURCE through which your prospects find the solution to their problems.

You guide, mentor, advise, and coach your prospects towards a tool that will make them money, improve their marketing, clear their acne, and so forth… Pay attention to how this works:

A person is looking to get out of a dreadful job, or generate a second income stream – direct them to a business opportunity where they could be their own boss, or just supplement their main source of income. If they already have a business and are looking for some marketing assitance – share with them a marketing training that helped your business.

You see? There’s no selling – only good-old advice, tips, hints, even opinions. Things get ugly when your prospect thinks you’re a pitching machine.

Okay, so what do you need to become a resource?

Share your knowledge, offering valuable information that will assist others make better decisions. You will benefit by just by grabbing their undivided attention.

To help you come up with ways to do this, answer the following questions:

  • How can I make a difference?
  • How can I assist others?
  • What can I offer?
  • What took me way too long to master, that I wish somebody had told me before?

Of course, in your path to become a valuable resource, there is one major investment to be made: YOUR EDUCATION.

The more you know, the more you learn, the more valuable you are in the mind of your prospects.

Think about it, and let me know what is your plan to change the world. I’d love to hear about it!

Seriously, leave a comment.

The Greatest Salesman In The World – Og Mandino

Highly recommended reading
Highly recommended reading

Yesterday I published this note on Facebook, regarding Og Mandino’s classic “The Greatest Salesman In The World”.

I didn’t mention how my wife first introduced me to this book in a moment when I needed positive reinforcement, how it opened my eyes to accepting how perfect my life is and exactly where I would work to improve it.

I’m very thankful for this book, and I plan on extending my review to each scroll. For now, read the 10 vows of success, and take a moment to absorb them.

1. Never again will I pity or belittle myself
2. Never again will I greet the dawn without a map
3. Always will I bathe my days in the golden glow of enthusiasm
4. Never again will I be disagreeable to a living soul
5. Always I will seek the seed of triumph in every adversity
6. Never again will I perform any task at less than my best
7. Always will I throw my whole self into the task at hand
8. Never again will I wait and hope for opportunity to embrace me
9. Always will I examine, each night, my deeds of the fading day
10. Always will I maintain contact, through prayer, with my creator

I really admire the amazing relation between the title and exactly what the book is about, and how there’s much more to success BEFORE you actually make money.

How To Generate Paying Leads – Not Just Curious People

Position yourself at the bottom of the funnel for instant results
Position yourself at the bottom of the funnel for instant results

One of the most frustrating aspects of running an online business is generating good quality, paying leads. With the overflow of information that most prospects are facing, they research for free information, and free information only.

So how can you find leads that are ready to buy from you?

The best way to start attracting paying leads is to stop focusing on “generic searchers” – avoid focusing your website on “canon cameras”, and instead, focus on “deals on canon cameras”, “buy canon cameras”, or “canon cameras free shipping”.

Focusing on specific searches brings customers that have passed the decision making process and are ready to buy. This approach is by far the most effective way to generate paying leads, and even though you may not get as much traffic, you will experience a much more effective conversion rate.

Another powerful approach to generating paying leads, instead of “freebies”, is to design your marketing to be ULTRA specific, for example:

Massive market: digital cameras > Generic Market: Canon cameras > Specific Market: Canon powershot cameras > Ultra specific market: canon EOS SLR

As you move further into the buying process for any market, you’ll find less curious prospects and more actual buyers. Those are the ones you want to target for instant results. When positioned at the bottom of the sales funnel, you’ll get less leads, but those will be effective, decidedly paying leads.

Now, one thing has to be stated here, and that is there are no markets too small. A student of Frank Kern reportedly made millions selling piano lessons infoproducts. Can you imagine how small the percentage of piano students looking for an ebook is?

To really get this message across, picture a customer walking into a store with his credit card in hand. Now, imagine you were able to plant a detour sign with a big bright arrow pointing towards your own store. Would that drive buyers into your store?

Of course, this is a rather drastic and unethical approach, but you get the picture. To generate paying leads, make sure you offer exactly what they’re looking for, and leave no room for “but..” Give them exactly what they want, and you found yourself a buyer.

Network Marketing & Ray Croc – How to Flip Burgers On Your MLM

Ray Croc, Father of direct selling?
Ray Croc, Father of direct selling?

This morning, on the Fresh Start call with Joe Neid and JT Debolt, Joe shared a rather interesting story from when he was beginning his MLM career.

He’d called his mentor, and when he asked ‘what are you planning for our team?’, Joe’s mentor returned: “i’m flipping burgers right now!” Surprised, Joe asked the meaning of it, and it was then that he learned about Ray Croc.

According to Joe (and a quick Google search) Ray Croc was a milk-shake machine salesman before he bought the rights to the McDonald’s brand from the original McDonalds brothers.

Joe’s mentor was referring to flipping burgers in the sense that he was trying to develop a system so simple and effective that would be easily replicated anywhere in the world (like McDonalds), one that he’d ‘patent’ and use to make not only himself, but thousands of other entrepreneurs successful.

Joe Neid, Ray Croc of Network Marketing

Joe Neid, Ray Croc of Network Marketing
Joe Neid, Ray Croc of Network Marketing

Fast forward to 2009 – Joe Neid heads a thriving direct sales company built around a simple system, which is not necessarily original in the industry, but that has been deconstructed and put together in such an effective manner that several ‘virgin’ entrepreneurs are turning into powerhouse businesses.

The system is fueled by premium, undisputably original products (that’s something fresh in the industry) – and a team of well-positioned leaders put in place to guide newcomers. Just like Ray Croc, Joe knows how much better his organization will develop if all parts of the chain are strong and healthy.

I am part of Joe’s organization, and I’m proud of it. I would, however, advise Joe that I might just grow up to be a Burger King 😉

What about you? What are you planning for your organization?

Setting objectives as to enable easy duplication are key to your success. Just think about McDonalds. (think. DO NOT EAT IT!)

LifePath Unlimited & The Secret

LifePath combines Personal Development with a powerful business opportunity
LifePath combines Personal Development with a powerful business opportunity

The power of Personal Development has exploded with the rapid expansion of the movie The Secret. Recognizing that your mental energy is what determines the chain of physical events to unfold on a given day has enlightened the lives of thousands, that are now familiarizing themselves with concepts such as the Law Of Attraction.

The phenomena that The Secret created catapulted many personal development gurus to the spotlight, and names such as Jack Canfield, Michael Losier, Joe Vitale, Tony Robbins, and many others now frequent TV shows daily, write best-sellers, and have thousands of feverous followers. The personal development industry is officially a blooming industry – but only for those certain authors, that truly master it. Right?

Absolutely not! Combining the teachings of famous personal development authors such as Patrick Combs, Michael Losier, Janet Atwood, Fredric Lehrman, and over a dozen more authors and speakers, LifePath Unlimited introduced the most complete home study course for those interested in shifting their paradigms and embraced a life fueled by the desire to enjoy more and worry less.

The major difference in LifePath Unlimited, aside from combining several authors into one major home study course, is that LifePath included a revolutionary compensation plan to its products; customers will take advantage of the personal development studies and have the opportunity to change their financial situation by marketing the same courses under a powerful direct sales strategy.

LifePath Unlimited’s mission is to improve the life of its members personally, financially, and spiriturally, through a series of self-awareness exercises and a powerful business training. The company is experiencing rapid growth as its mission becomes true for more and more members. Perhaps one of the most fundamental concepts revealed in The Secret, the Law of Attraction, has brought this amazing opportunity to life – after all, isn’t this what all of us want?