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    This Is What Falling 20+ft Does… And Why You Should Do The Same!

    by  • June 13, 2009 • 5 pillars to success, discovery, Personal Development • 14 Comments

    I jumped off of a bridge today. Heck YEAH! A 6-meter (22ft) fall straight into the Roanoake Island waters! To the astonishment of a suddenly-quiet wife, and the curious audience of a nearby waterfront restaurant, I jumped. Completely unplanned, coming back from an afternoon stroller ride, I took off my shirt, and despite wearing...

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    Eben Pagan Doesnt Know Funk!

    by  • January 24, 2009 • discovery • 0 Comments

    At least, not like I do. Not like any Brazilian knows. In a recent (surprising) post, Eben shared how he introduced Frank Kern to the world of Funk music. First off, wow! Eben Pagan likes funk! He is one of my “when-I-grow-up” heroes, revolutionary marketer/copywriter, generous phylantropist, and now, COOL! Really, I shouldn’t assume...

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    Personal Development and Web 2.0 – Convergence is Key!

    by  • December 19, 2008 • Attraction Marketing, discovery, life path unlimited, Personal Development • 0 Comments

    Personal development includes any learning, change, action, or anything that actually makes you feel better, or more comfortable with yourself. As a recent discovery, my studies of personal development have changed the way I look at every little aspect of my life: work, family, business, social networks… And it was enjoying the effects of...

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    Heart Attack Monday – Passion and Purpose on MLM

    by  • December 16, 2008 • Attraction Marketing, discovery, Personal Development • 1 Comment

    “The real voyage to discovery consists not in seeking out new land, but in seeing with new eyes” Marcel Proust. It all comes down to Passion and Purpose. Find your market. Understand your market. Profile, personalize, customize, and embrace your market. Address all of its particular pains, find that pleasure spot, offer them a...

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