Google Content Network – Ready To Take Your Adwords PPC To PRO Level?

Master The Google PPC Content Network
Master The Google PPC Content Network

And so it begins….the real PPC power!

I’m always surprised to see the results that my ads on the Google Search produce, and the flexibility of choosing specifically which searchers to target is awazing…


The more targeted you get on the Search network, the less impressions you get, after all, you’re narrowing the funnel, focusing on customers who have moved past research and into buying mode.

Often, you find a profitable keyword, your Clickthrough Ratio and Conversion are excellent, but the traffic is just not enough to really make that much of a difference.

The Content Network Boosts Profitable Keywords Exponentially

When a PPC campaign includes the content network, Adwords will place your ads throughout Adsense placements in affiliated websites. That means not only ads will show when someone is searching for your keyword, but also when that keyword is somewhere within the text of those websites.

With the Content Network, PPC takes a much more aggressive approach and targets potential prostects that may not be “searching” for what you’re offering, but reading, looking, or watching it.

Google understands these prospects are interested in that keyword because the website in which the ads is placed contains that keyword – therefore its visitors must be somewhat related to that query.

It is common to see a huge spike in impressions when the Content Network is turned on, and that is exactly why it is such an advanced PPC strategy: with 40K impressions/day in average per keyword, a 0.5% clickthrough ratio means 200 clicks – which means at $0.10 per click, $20, for a single keyword.

There are a variety of reasons to be careful when advertising in the content network:

  • quality of the placements (the website where your ad is showing – is it well-targeted?)
  • quality of the clicks (keeping track of where your clicks are coming from can be a tiresome chore)
  • difficult budget planning (much higher click volume, even with low CTR)
  • difficult keyword strategy (instead of simply focusing on what they are searching for, marketers have to think what is the best context to place a keyword)

A couple of recommendations to maintain control over your ppc campaigns running on content:

  • Imagine how your keyword will show up on a blog post, email, or article, and focus your ad around that angle
  • Create Content-only campaigns,  and check it’s results very often
  • Check Google’s Placement Report at least weekly to find out exactly which placements have offered the best results, and ditch the ones that didn’t.
  • Use ONLY []exact keyword matches to have the most amount of control

Would you like to share your experience?

I have a project cooking right now that will open a huge channel to PPC students who need or want to share their PPC knowledge, but for now, I’d like to see what was everyone’s experience with the Content Networ..

Leave your comments, questions, and suggestions – I will reply!

How To Expand Keywords – Lateral Keyword Research With KW Browse

Lateral Keyword Research Tool
Lateral Keyword Research Tool

Master Jim Yaghi posted a new keyword research tool that makes the advertiser’s life a whole lot easier.

Most keyword tools go deeper into a query, for example:

For a ‘home business’ query, wordtacker brings these results:

home based business
home business
home business post free ads quickly
home based business opportunities
home based businesses
home based businesses free classified ads
home business ideas
10 best home based business
google home business kit
starting a home based tutoring business
home businesses
article business home idea
home business opportunity
home business opportunities

Pretty common, right?

Now, this is what KWBrowse brings:

  • advertising
  • at home business
  • at home business opportunity
  • business
  • business opportunities
  • business opportunity
  • easy home business
  • entrepreneur
  • entrepreneurs
  • free
  • free home business
  • home based business
  • home business idea
  • home business ideas
  • home business information
  • home business opportunities
  • home business opportunity
  • home business resources
  • internet
  • internet business
  • internet home business
  • internet home business opportunity
  • internet marketing
  • make money
  • See the difference?

    Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

    How To Build A List For Email Marketing Quick: ViralUrl Results

    Increase Your Asset - Grow an Active List
    Increase Your Asset - Grow an Active List

    The most important asset a internet marketer has is a responsive list of customers. Whether on email, twitter, or facebook, building a list of active subscribers is a strategy that any marketer should focus on since the beginning.

    The average list-building experience starts slowly, as traffic starts pouring into landing pages and prospects subscribe to your list.

    However, this strategy can be frustrating in the beginning, while traffic is still shy.

    That’s when a respected list-building platform comes in handy. List-builders are communities of professionals that subscribe (or buy access) to receive and send messages within the community. Basically, List-Builders are a pool of like-minded professionals looking to improve their businesses, get more traffic, and make more money.

    My Favorite List-Builder

    I’ve written before about my results with list-builders before, so today I want to share specifically my results with ViralUrl.

    For $197/year, ViralUrl allows email blasts every 3 days to 3000 random members in their list.

    I’ve been utilizing their services since february, and I’m very satisfied with the results.

    Previously, I’d been promoting Magnetic Sponsoring, because of the high conversion rates, and for each blast, I’d generate 10+ leads and about a sale/week from MS alone. That’s $80/month, which would cover my initial investment in 2.5 months, leaving me 9.5 months to profit from the ViralUrl services.

    Now, I’ve switched the focus to my own training, the Expand Your Income manual – and even though my landing page does not convert as well as Mike Dillard’s (what’s new?) the prospects I receive are much more targeted because they want to know ME, not magnetic sponsoring or Mike Dillard.

    So here are the updated results: depending on my email copy (I keep experimenting, which makes for a lower average), I may get anywhere from 100-150 visits, and 6-10 leads. I understand this is not outrageously effective, but it brings me great prospects, and I’m building my own list, expanding the reach of personal branding even further.

    If you’re just starting up, and you’re not yet getting the traffic you want, I highly recommend ViralUrl. And if you have a bit more to invest, you can get multiple accounts, and send blasts everyday!

    Either way, be sure to offer something valuable in exchange for your opt-ins. Folks in list-building services are already in the industry and are probably not looking for another home business – they’re looking for training, consulting, tips.. So provide them with something highly beneficial and your results will speak for themselves.

    To growing your list the smart way,

    Leo Saraceni

    P.S – ViralUrl also offers an effective url cloaking service (for free, even if you dont join their paid membership) that is great to mask affiliate links and protect your commissions. Check it out:

    Value, Education & Humor In Your Marketing: Heineken & Network Marketing

    Im sure you all know by now we’re supposed to offer more than a product/service – as network marketers, we offer guidance, possibility, training, insight, and information.

    We all are bombarded with different “sources” of this education, whether online or from friends, family, teachers, and colleagues, but each has its own “influence level”, according to the amount of respect we give to each source.

    How about an educator that makes you laugh?

    Even though laugh is not enough to make you respect anybody, humor is the most effective way to break down initial barriers and capture one’s attention; follow me on this thought:

    Remember that one cool teacher, whose lecture went by faster than others, in whose test you did much better without extra effort, or whose topic you were always motivated to study?

    How much would you value his advice? How much of his discipline do you remember? I bet it’s more than all the other “normal” teachers put together.

    When it comes to network marketing, the same concept applies, meaning that regular knowledge sources (gurus) are boring, average, and common. The exceptional ones are the Kerns, the Dillards, the Reeses, who add not only personality to whatever they’re doing, but know how to have fun doing it.

    And that is my secret for today:

    if you make your prospects laugh, you’ve broken the barriers and conquered that individual’s full attention.

    Tone your messages, write ads that stir away from “formulas” and add something unusual. Do use colloquialism and spoken grammar on your articles, and dont be afraid to make fun of yourself.

    I saw the following note on Ben Settle’s blog, it’s a snippet from Jim Yaghi, Adword’s specialist:

    Hey Ben,

    thanks a lot for that! awesome. I actually use cartoons when trying to come up with graphical descriptions for that very reason. They also allow you to tap into a prospect’s inner child as they remember images like “seeing stars” when hit on the head, or the bump that grows on someone’s head when hit by a hammer, or the way people drift on the scent of sizzling sausages :)


    Be honest: who here has ever thought of getting inspiration from Comic Books? Does anybody here even read comics anymore?

    That is the kind of “spin” that separates common from unique, just-another-one from yes-this-guy/girl-rocks! And that is something anybody can do, with a TINY BIT of creativity.

    Of course, in the world of mass media & mass budgets, fun has been with us for quite a while (the gosh-darnet Superbowl ads), but I picked this Heineken ad to show how Educating & Promoting are aligned with Humor. It’s almost like a Public Service Announcement, but fun.

    Leave me your opinion – what have you done that made your prospects laugh lately?

    How To Generate Paying Leads – Not Just Curious People

    Position yourself at the bottom of the funnel for instant results
    Position yourself at the bottom of the funnel for instant results

    One of the most frustrating aspects of running an online business is generating good quality, paying leads. With the overflow of information that most prospects are facing, they research for free information, and free information only.

    So how can you find leads that are ready to buy from you?

    The best way to start attracting paying leads is to stop focusing on “generic searchers” – avoid focusing your website on “canon cameras”, and instead, focus on “deals on canon cameras”, “buy canon cameras”, or “canon cameras free shipping”.

    Focusing on specific searches brings customers that have passed the decision making process and are ready to buy. This approach is by far the most effective way to generate paying leads, and even though you may not get as much traffic, you will experience a much more effective conversion rate.

    Another powerful approach to generating paying leads, instead of “freebies”, is to design your marketing to be ULTRA specific, for example:

    Massive market: digital cameras > Generic Market: Canon cameras > Specific Market: Canon powershot cameras > Ultra specific market: canon EOS SLR

    As you move further into the buying process for any market, you’ll find less curious prospects and more actual buyers. Those are the ones you want to target for instant results. When positioned at the bottom of the sales funnel, you’ll get less leads, but those will be effective, decidedly paying leads.

    Now, one thing has to be stated here, and that is there are no markets too small. A student of Frank Kern reportedly made millions selling piano lessons infoproducts. Can you imagine how small the percentage of piano students looking for an ebook is?

    To really get this message across, picture a customer walking into a store with his credit card in hand. Now, imagine you were able to plant a detour sign with a big bright arrow pointing towards your own store. Would that drive buyers into your store?

    Of course, this is a rather drastic and unethical approach, but you get the picture. To generate paying leads, make sure you offer exactly what they’re looking for, and leave no room for “but..” Give them exactly what they want, and you found yourself a buyer.

    Why Network Marketers Should NOT Use Traffic Exchange

    Traffic Exchange

    Traffic exchange networks claim to bring traffic into your website. Pretty obvious, right?

    What is even better, most of them are free to join. Yeah, much better! 🙂

    Here’s how Traffic Exchange work:

    Every member of the network has the chance to add a certain number of websites; to get your websites to display, members have to earn – or acquire – credits.

    You earn credits by clicking through their list of websites, like flippling the pages of a catalog with random pages on it.

    Basically, members visit other people’s websites in exchange for promoting their own.

    Here’s why Traffic Exchange is useless to Network Marketers:

    1. Network Marketers need prospects, not traffic.

    Unlike CPA advertisers, we don’t make money from visitors. You’re better off having 100 visits/day from “home business seekers” than 5000 visits/day from random people that just want to promote their website.

    Which brings us to the second point:

    2. Traffic Exchange has zero target possibilities

    At least to my knowledge, there’s no traffic exchange network specific to network marketing; the most targetting you can do is pick the topics you’d like to have available to surf.

    Members are surfing because they want traffic – not because they’re looking for what you offer.

    And lastly, highly important:

    3.  None of the members pay any attention to what your website says

    Even with the required 16/20 secs each member has to wait on each website to receive a credit, due to the imposition, visitors will not read your site’s content: they will count the seconds to their next click.

    It fascinates me how people will keep multiple tabs open, clicking their way through more credits, while reading a blog post, tweeting, or any other non-related action.

    So stop wasting your time clicking through darn credits… Everybody else is doing the same!

    It’s like you own a traditional brick & mortar business, and you spend most of your time getting people off the street, into your business, without ever making any profit out of them.

    Spend your time wisely building up your content, write articles, publish webpages, build a network filled with great connections…That’s what drives traffic to your website.

    Even better, create a powerful ppc campaign and pick & choose your leads.

    Just like any other “magical” solution – money, traffic, leads – take it all with a grain of salt. There’s ALWAYS a catch!

    P.S – My opinion regards network marketers. CPA, affiliates, and everybody else that might have success with those networks, disregard my little rampage.

    Old-School MLM? Darwin WILL hunt you!

    Another post ignited by an amazing discussion at the better networker:

    This is one of the most insightful takes on “old-school mlm” meaning buying leads/cold-calling/plasttering business cards/using valpak coupons – vs “new-school marketing”meaning leveraging an expert positioning to create attraction towards your area of expertise/cultivating your relationships/offering the most value.

    This is a touchy topic, as I just had an interesting conversation with my own very successful upline, who is as I write this putting together a social media plan to improve his personal brand equity and to open an exclusive contact media for his large team.

    As we were discussing his plan, I had the opportunity to point out the importance of developing relationships, instead of business transactions; creating multiple communication channels, and leveraging his knowledge and tenacity towards an easier-to-manage daily operation. Continue reading Old-School MLM? Darwin WILL hunt you!

    Wanna be a huge success in Network Marketing? Write an article about Santa!

    Funny how things turn out..

    I’ve been participating in the Better Networker community for 3 months now, and I’ve experienced great learning, made some powerful connections and got some really good leads.

    But my most successful contribution was a completely off-the-topic article I wrote about the prize I won through a SEO discussion at the forum.

    I explain in the article why Ferny Ceballos, a great networker, should be called Santa Claus. Yeap. And that article was a big hit!

    Here it is:

    tell me if it isnt funny how unpredictable social media can be.

    Don’t forget to check out the discussion.

    The Most Powerful Lead Generation System

    Generating Leads Through Social Networking

    What if you had access to a Network so powerful,
    filled with the best business content, inhabited by the
    best possible customers, and all FOR FREE?

    Any entrepreneur – any success-oriented individual like you,
    Reader, actually – NEEDS a powerful, diverse, and influential
    Network. From your Network, you draw business partners,
    associates, consultants, teachers, students, success, and money.

    This is not a modern affirmation, or an advertisement for some
    new MySpace project; Social Networking is powerful enough to
    turn a unknown, young, afro-american senator into President
    of the United States

    Okay, So How Do I Use it for My Advantage?

    Taking advantage of Social Networks can be really difficult,
    when Social Community means MySpace or Facebook to you.
    Reader, not only those communities are hugely
    taken by teenagers, or bands, but they have no REAL business

    So I would like to introduce to you the most amazing tool
    the internet has given us Entrepreneurs – The Better Networker.
    Formerly known as the Magnetic Sponsoring Community, the
    Better Networker is home for the most successful
    Network Marketers, due to its business-oriented atmosphere,
    high level of professionalism and ethics.

    To name a few successful members of the Better
    : Mike Dillard, Yanik Silver, Jim Yaghi, Tim Erway,
    Mark Wieser, Ferny Ceballos, Raymond Fong, and Aaron Rashkin
    are just a few that share their knowledge, ignite discussions
    and answer questions – FREE! They all have their profiles,
    where you can leave a message, check their articles,
    watch their videos, and more.

    Not only is the content alone worth tens of thousands
    of dollars, what the Better Networker offers is
    the opportunity to build a reputation, branding yourself,
    Reader, as a knowledgeable – and eager to learn -,
    marketer. It also offers you a place to send your potential
    prospects so they can see you in action, participating,
    offering your advice, and practicing your mentorship, live!


    I use the Better Networker as the final destination for
    all my marketing campaigns. I also make sure all of my
    associates have a detailed profile and I encourage all of them
    to participate in discussions.

    And I do not worry about other marketers, or the famous
    professionals, that could attract my leads and “steal” them.
    What I offer is unique, and it represents a completely different
    aspect of the industry. Also, in the mindset of abundance that I
    developed, if a potential customer turns over to somebody else,
    their commitment was not that strong, and I do not want them
    on my team.

    We are the best marketing tools available. And I’ve just
    given you a unique platform where YOU can become a
    powerful, famous, and attractive BRAND.

    Bring your best with you.

    To your success,

    Leonardo Saraceni

    Come Visit Me at The Better Networker