Network Marketing & Ray Croc – How to Flip Burgers On Your MLM

Ray Croc, Father of direct selling?
Ray Croc, Father of direct selling?

This morning, on the Fresh Start call with Joe Neid and JT Debolt, Joe shared a rather interesting story from when he was beginning his MLM career.

He’d called his mentor, and when he asked ‘what are you planning for our team?’, Joe’s mentor returned: “i’m flipping burgers right now!” Surprised, Joe asked the meaning of it, and it was then that he learned about Ray Croc.

According to Joe (and a quick Google search) Ray Croc was a milk-shake machine salesman before he bought the rights to the McDonald’s brand from the original McDonalds brothers.

Joe’s mentor was referring to flipping burgers in the sense that he was trying to develop a system so simple and effective that would be easily replicated anywhere in the world (like McDonalds), one that he’d ‘patent’ and use to make not only himself, but thousands of other entrepreneurs successful.

Joe Neid, Ray Croc of Network Marketing

Joe Neid, Ray Croc of Network Marketing
Joe Neid, Ray Croc of Network Marketing

Fast forward to 2009 – Joe Neid heads a thriving direct sales company built around a simple system, which is not necessarily original in the industry, but that has been deconstructed and put together in such an effective manner that several ‘virgin’ entrepreneurs are turning into powerhouse businesses.

The system is fueled by premium, undisputably original products (that’s something fresh in the industry) – and a team of well-positioned leaders put in place to guide newcomers. Just like Ray Croc, Joe knows how much better his organization will develop if all parts of the chain are strong and healthy.

I am part of Joe’s organization, and I’m proud of it. I would, however, advise Joe that I might just grow up to be a Burger King 😉

What about you? What are you planning for your organization?

Setting objectives as to enable easy duplication are key to your success. Just think about McDonalds. (think. DO NOT EAT IT!)

LifePath Unlimited & The Secret

LifePath combines Personal Development with a powerful business opportunity
LifePath combines Personal Development with a powerful business opportunity

The power of Personal Development has exploded with the rapid expansion of the movie The Secret. Recognizing that your mental energy is what determines the chain of physical events to unfold on a given day has enlightened the lives of thousands, that are now familiarizing themselves with concepts such as the Law Of Attraction.

The phenomena that The Secret created catapulted many personal development gurus to the spotlight, and names such as Jack Canfield, Michael Losier, Joe Vitale, Tony Robbins, and many others now frequent TV shows daily, write best-sellers, and have thousands of feverous followers. The personal development industry is officially a blooming industry – but only for those certain authors, that truly master it. Right?

Absolutely not! Combining the teachings of famous personal development authors such as Patrick Combs, Michael Losier, Janet Atwood, Fredric Lehrman, and over a dozen more authors and speakers, LifePath Unlimited introduced the most complete home study course for those interested in shifting their paradigms and embraced a life fueled by the desire to enjoy more and worry less.

The major difference in LifePath Unlimited, aside from combining several authors into one major home study course, is that LifePath included a revolutionary compensation plan to its products; customers will take advantage of the personal development studies and have the opportunity to change their financial situation by marketing the same courses under a powerful direct sales strategy.

LifePath Unlimited’s mission is to improve the life of its members personally, financially, and spiriturally, through a series of self-awareness exercises and a powerful business training. The company is experiencing rapid growth as its mission becomes true for more and more members. Perhaps one of the most fundamental concepts revealed in The Secret, the Law of Attraction, has brought this amazing opportunity to life – after all, isn’t this what all of us want?

Michael Losier, The Law Of Attraction & LifePath Unlimited: A Powerful Combination

Michael Losier - LifePath Unlimited Luminaire
Michael Losier - LifePath Unlimited Luminaire

Michal Losier, Oprah’s Law of Attraction specialist and author of the best-seller “The Law Of Attraction: How to Attract More Of What You Want And Less Of What You Don’t Want”, is one of the luminaries guiding LifePath Unlimited members to success.

After the profound impact of the movie The Secret, where the ancient Law Of Attraction was made widely popular, Michael Losier emerged as the resource for better understanding this universal law. When LifePath Unlimited initiated the creation of its personal development home study course, Losier was one the first authorities to be contacted, and his contribution is to this date, highly acclaimed by LifePath members.

In LifePath’s Discovery Series – a complete personal development home study course, Michael Losier joins 13 other luminaries to introduce, explain, and exercise concepts such as the Law of Attraction, the power of gratitude, maintaining your own power, and many more. The Discovery series is divided into 8 paths, each dedicated to a specific area of mind, body, and soul.

The popularity of the Law of Attraction, and the power within its mastery, draws a great deal of attention to the lessons taught by Michael Losier. Motivated by the words on his book, or by his appearances on national TV, hundreds of enlightened entrepreneurs set course to attract more of they want: personally, financially, and spiritually. Their research more than often leads to LifePath Unlimited, who took the education, the instructions, and the exercises, added a powerful financial opportunity and now offers members the chance to improve all aspects of their lives.

LifePath Unlimited’s business opportunity is based on the direct sales strategy, fueled by the free enterprise concept: each Discovery customer is a small franchise (without paying royalties or any fees) and has the ability to promote the products in exchange for a minimum $1000 commission.

The combination of personal development studies with amazing financial compensation is driving LifePath’s growth to the roof, and one major side effect is now noticed: LifePath Unlimited’s community of members, like-minded entrepreneurs motivated to mutually assist others, is becoming a product within a product.

Experience the powerful effects of this combination for yourself and expand your potential.

Patrick Combs & Personal Development – Aligning Passion & Business

Patrick Combs, Co-Founder of LifePath Unlimited
Patrick Combs, Co-Founder of LifePath Unlimited

I had never heard of Patrick Combs until early September of last year. I had not been introduced to personal development concepts, and all I knew about business is that I needed one.

I had made the decision to get out of my two dead-end jobs, and was planning to start an importing business. After long market research, hours and money invested in finding the right vendors and initiating negotiations, customs bureaucracy sent my business down the pipes.

At that time, I felt embarrassed for losing a good chunk of my savings and for not accomplishing the goals I had set for myself. When the embarrassment joined the frustration of being stuck in a futureless job, I encountered a lot of resistance trying to push myself forward.

During a purposeless search for motivational exercises (I tried many), I fell into a video called “Awakening”; Patrick Combs was speaking straight to me, explaining how my universal potential is unlimited, and how I can accomplish anything with the correct mindset. It was just a one-minute trailer, but that Awakening resonated with me.

I searched for Patrick Combs, and discovered he’s a famous best-selling author and motivational speaker. But what really surprised me was that he had co-founded a growing Personal Development company, based on the principles I learned on the Awakening movie.

Patrick’s company, LifePath Unlimited, had chosen to market its products through a direct-sales franchise, and it was looking for representatives at that moment. Talk about Law of Attraction – I felt like the entire company was specifically designed to fit my needs!

Before I became a LifePath Unlimited representative, I decided to watch the entire Awakening movie (50min) – but never got to finish. I bought my franchise at that moment, without actually speaking to anybody; I just knew that I could not miss that opportunity.

Fast-forward to my second month as a LifePath franchise owner: Motivation again slipping through my fingers, and still at the same-old job. I just seemed to fail to connect with others like me, entrepreneurs looking for a more fulfilling life, both personal and financial.

It was when I went back to some of Patrick’s teachings, reading and watching the material available for LPU franchise owners, that I recognized I was losing my passion, and my business was taking the hit. Patrick mentioned how a life guided by passion will fulfill my purpose, and attract the success I deserved.

Now, I’m a passionate business owner, proud of having taken that decision back in September. I’m about to meet Patrick Combs at the end of this month, and I enjoy seeing my business (and myself) grow constantly.

One thing I learned to live by: passion and purpose will make you a life way beyond “making a living”!

A LifePath Unlimited Bonus – Free Training

As I connect with other LifePath members, I realize we all share similar obstacles, in different levels.

Our goals are also similar, and so are the tools we have been given by LPU.

After 6 months of intensive learning, I believe I have quite a bit to share with fellow marketers.

I’ve set up a blog at with great free training for LPU prospects and members.

Since I really enjoyed decating myself to the more technical part, most of the content revolves around PPC, SEO, html coding specific to network marketing.

But my experience with LifePath has been one of the most rewarding, and I’ve decided to share my learning from the Discovery series (LPU’s personal development course). I wrote an article for each of the Paths illustrated on the cds, with pieces of the course and my own experience.

So go check it out now. I’m still improving (the site, the content, myself..), so feedback is appreciated.

——–> <———-

Personal Development and Web 2.0 – Convergence is Key!

Personal development includes any learning, change, action, or anything that actually makes you feel better, or more comfortable with yourself.

As a recent discovery, my studies of personal development have changed the way I look at every little aspect of my life: work, family, business, social networks…

And it was enjoying the effects of the Law of Attraction that I found Manifest Mastermind on Twitter. As of yet, they don’t have an official website; their tweets, though, summarize most of the concepts studied in Personal Development. Manifestmmind is a refreshment amongst tweets, with great quick lines that just freeze your stress and allows you to breath for a couple seconds – a powerful accomplishment!

If you’ve enjoyed the movie The Secret, this takes everything to a second step. It amplifies thoughts, ideas, and atitudes through the Law of Attraction.

Go follow him on Twitter. And join their group on Facebook. You won’t regret!

P.S – As you send strong positive vibration to the universe, because you just loved this new group the Law of Attraction directed you to (through this blog), COMMENT. Let me know, I’m grateful for each comment.

Getting Ready to Become Successful: How to Develop a Strong and Positive Mindset, become able to Grasp Your Business’ Concepts and Get Through the Hair-Pulling Setup Proccess

Are you ready for your new career?

So, you’re running your own home-based business! That is terrific! You’ve done your homework and studied the company, got to know your upline, are familiar with the compensation plan, (what a great comp plan it is!), and you have secured your position in the company by buying into the opportunity. You see the wide gamma of possibilities unfolding in front of you; all the big breakfasts with your family (on weekdays!), the workdays spent on your pajama, the shocking face of your boss when put that resignation letter on his/her desk… Just thinking about makes you consider paying double for the opportunity!

Fast forward 3 months into your new career; you have now less time with the family, because you’re still stuck to your job AND trying to develop your business! It’s like having two full-time jobs! Of course, you never let your 14-hour-week dream fade, but the work you had set out to pursue just does not look like the one pictured in that great website or in your “mentor’s” sales pitch.

That process of Advertise, Get Leads, Call Leads, Make Money tends to turn into a frustrating, and exhausting, hunt.

You suddenly realize the NEED to become a web designer, copywriter, marketing specialist, and motivational speaker… How can anybody learn all that in less than a lifetime? How does Mike Dillard, Jay Kubassek and all those self-made millionaires do it?

Well, one good thing about the networking business is that help is everywhere – if you pay MORE money for it! You start noticing EVERYBODY is a specialist, a mentor, a coach, and they are READY to help you, despite the fact most of them are just as broke as you!


Just by writing this article I’m almost stressed. Just thinking about those early days scares the bejeezus out of me. That’s because I’ve nailed that ocean of floating emotions a while ago, and arrived at my Paradise Island of tranquility.With the backup and constant support of giving mentors, that honestly cared for my success.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m baby-walking through HTML and still fighting Google AdWords. But my learning curve is going up rather quickly, and the reason for that is I’ve grown a solid basis to build the knowledge on. Life Path Unlimited helped me reach into myself and build my personal shield.

Developing your basis is tricky because it requires clearing your mind of pre-conceived, stress-based behavior patterns that:

  • · Blur any and all possible learning by allowing newer, fresh input to take over without judgement;
  • · Undermine your success from an unconscious level;
  • · Lead to eventual failure or quitting because of the high level of frustration.

The beauty of this series of Discovery is that it strengthens your mind to withstand outside distractions, peer pressure and common fears – either of success or failure.

With easy steps, that you can perform during your morning and evening routine, Life Path Unlimited guarantees this experience will affect the way you go through your day, from “just another day” to “Experiencing today’s blessing”.

Think of this Course as a filter:

  • · For numbingly dramatic news
  • · For the occasional traffic jam
  • · For a difficult day with the kids
  • · For any difficulty during your day

And imagine what it would be like with a strong enough mindset to lift those around you, preventing:

  • · That meaningless argument with a partner
  • · The worthless lost of temper with the cashier in the grocery store
  • · Depressive TV-Related emotions

The benefits of a centered life have a wide range of effect, and goes way beyond financial applications; your family will benefit from it just as much as you do, and you’ll experience a freedom of mind like never before.

This growth is only possible with an according supply of income, and the experience you share with others about this life-changing method can replace your current job, start you a new career, and the guarantee of financial freedom is at the grasp of your fingers.

Contact Leonardo for more information, or just experience part of the course at