Get Google Analytics Installed On Your Site – Free!

Have you ever wondered what page on your site is more popular?

Or what exactly people type on a search query to find your site?

Specific data like that make all the difference when it comes to marketing your business online.

Google analytics has been around for a while – it’s 100% free, all you have to do is install it on every page of your site.

“it” is a javascript code of about 7 lines that change nothing on your site – it only allows Google to track each visitor while on your site.

It’s specifically beneficial to PPC advertisers to know what keywords are really converting – or for SEO campaigns to track where the highest traffic referrals come from.

It’s also one of the only ways to measure social media impact – Analytics gives you complete data on visitors that arrived on your site from Digg, Facebook, or Twitter so you can track your social media roi.

Market & Convert is installing Analytics for free

My web solutions agency is performing free analytics installation during the Holidays – to help business owners with their websites.

We create an analytics account for you, insert those 7 lines of code to every page on your site, and BAM!

The next day you can already visit your account to see traffic data.

All we need is your ftp info!

Visit our analytics installation page now –

the promotion is only valid until 12/20!

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On PPC Management & Web Development (Make BIG Money With It!)

Market & Convert offers small business customized web marketing solutions
Market & Convert offers small business customized web marketing solutions

So I’ve been working with small and medium businesses across the U.S creating solutions for their online marketing. Ironically enough, my own company’s website is not ready yet – but it should give you an idea of what we’re all about.

I’m writing this post for two reasons – I want your opinion on the content of the site: does it explain its purpose? What information is missing? Would you like to see prices?

Secondly, I’m officially inviting the selective readers of this blog to become affiliates for my company. With this offer, I blatantly invite you to advertise my company and I’ll pay you well for it.

1. What’s missing on the site?

Yeah, I know it’s not finished – heck, I’ve got all designers tied up with clients and I dont have a lot of time to get it finished myself. But on the parts that are already up, what is your impression of it?

I plan on adding free ppc tutorials there, and expand the navigation to a total of 25-30 pages.

But what would you expect to see when you arrived at the site? What would a business owner need to see in order to understand what we do?

2. Let me pay you for referrals

In case you’re wondering, the average contract for our services starts at $1000 – you’d get 30% of it.

One prospect that becomes our client for PPC and Social Media, for example, is set to pay $2000. How would you like a $600 commission?

Here’s the deal – post your feedback on the page here on the comments. I really appreciate it.

For those interested in becoming a partner, go to and fill the form to get the coupon. Our sales manager will contact you and get everything rolling.


In the end of the day, does work suck all of your creativity?

Is there an end to creativity?
Is there an end to creativity?

I guess that’s my latest excuse for not posting to this blog anymore.

If you dont know yet, I’m currently managing (read completely running) 3 blogs for my clients. And I’m trying to update them all daily.

Guess what…

By the time I finish writing about wedding catering in the Outer Banks, fitness in the outer banks, and cute halloween costumes for toddlers, I’m a bit drained out.

Add to those posts at least 30 min of research, the occasional picture editing (cropping, resizing, etc..), and the link-digging (you know, from previous blog posts, to increase blog traffic) – I’ve got at least 3 hours of work.

And no, I will NOT pull other people’s RSS and feed my blogs with their content. I find that despicable.

But maybe I do have things to write about – I’d love to write a huge post on the new web metrics project I’m running for an outer banks builder page. I have that in the back of my mind since I started it, because I’m really fired up about the stuff I read from The Occam’s Razor.

Maybe I just have to suck it up and keep writing.

I could use some encouragement, though – how about a comment? Come on, comment!

How To Increase Your Productivity: Get A Life!

I find productive to get my arse kicked
I find productive to get my arse kicked

It’s really darn easy to get caught up in the money chase and forget about everything else, but you may find that it’s everything else makes the money chase worth it.

If your mind is occupied 12-15hours of the day with money worries, and you’re constantly thinking how can I make more? You just might be digging your own broke hole.

Exactly what is the point of making any money without a reason to spend it?

Yeah, of course there are always more cars, new houses, and fancy gadgets, but are you ever going to really enjoy it if you’re stuck working?

On my last post I touched on the benefits on non linear patterns when it comes to “rebooting” our brains, giving everything a fresh new start.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been dedicating myself (again) to exercise. I made the commitment to at least twice a week, stop everything, shut off the cell phone, and go get my arse kicked at the gym.

Despite my passion for jiu jitsu, I had completely quit going a year ago to dedicate myself to making money. In my head, I’d start making a lot of money, and then I’d find the time to go fight.

It doesnt work that way – not in the least.

After I shut myself off for about a month, I started noticing my eating habits reached an all-time low, I was cranky, snappy, and was annoying even myself.

It is quite easy to identify that now, but it wasnt back then.

And it wasnt just the gym: I shut off social activities, cut off on family time, and the only people I spoke to were online friends and partners, also in the money chase.

The Productivity Dilemma: Should I Focus On Money Or Sanity?

This post goes against everything I learned from studying personal development, and from watching how millionaires are created; maintaining “laser-beam” focus, keeping your goals fresh in your mind, and using affirmations and meditation to clear your head is how they taught me success would come.

Maybe I Haven’t Found My “Laser-Beam” Focus…

With the constant reevaluation of my goal, the obsession with achieving certain milestones, and the urgency to win I had created for myself a pool of stress.

And I’m not a Yoga Master to meditate my way out of it.

So I got other people to beat that stress out of me. I went back to the gym.

And I let friends take me out for a beer. I scheduled family time away from the computer and the cell phone.

Am I done with my money-chase? HECK NO!

Am I less stressful? More creative? More energetic?


Evaluate Your Online Business: Want To Know If You’ll Make It?

Are You Supposed To Succeed In Network Marketing?

How To Find Out If You’re Cut For Success Online

A thought came to mind right now while I thought about the huge attrition rate in the Network Marketing industry, and it seemed logical that the success rate is proportional to number of real entrepreneurs, while the failure rate relates to those running a ‘part-time job’ online.

Follow me on this:

In network marketing, a business is set up with a couple hundred bucks. There is no overhead, no rent, no loan – just a phone, a computer, and time. Doing it right leads to a pretty decent profit payoff. That’s attractive to ANYBODY – who wouldn’t want to own a business like that?

It seems like such a simple solution to the average folk trying to earn a couple extra bucks that millions of people start daily.

But as a business, there are responsibilities, and the major entrepreneurial challenge of investing in yourself – educating oneself in order to become a leader and an expert takes a major toll on that mass of people used to ‘surviving’ through their 8-hour shifts to receive a paycheck after two weeks.

My Upline Lied To Me… And The Company Scammed Me

And then the lack of commitment kicks in: “nah, this is too hard”, which usually means “my upline lied to me” or “the company scammed me” seem to be the major outcomes of such bogus entrepreneurial experiences.

97% of so-called entrepreneurs fall by the sides because they could not get that ‘paycheck’ they wanted

Which means only 3% are really committed – no matter what their reasons are, they decided to make it work.

Wanna know if you’re in the 3%?

If the internet disappeared tomorrow, would start a new business or find a job?

If network marketing became retail, would open a store?

I like to think of my readers as part of the 3%. Please prove me right.

Ever Thought How Your Town Can Maximize PPC Results?

Cheap PPC with Local Target
Cheap PPC with Local Target

I’ve been running my local gym’s ppc campaign since February , and I’m proud to say the results are astonishing.

They have kept their leads steady throughout the winter – which is major accomplishment for any gym – and their new membership income has been at its highest compared to any other winter, despite the economy. (what economy, anyway?)

Now, this post does have a point other than bragging 😉 hold on.

Their campaign was the first time I ever used the targeted geographical location feature on Adwords, and to be quite honest, I didn’t know much about local ads when I started.

Before we go any further, let me just say that the gym is located in the Outer Banks of NC (practically an island), with very little permanent residents, being a summer vacation spot. The online community here is nonexistent, and the search traffic that originates from our area is minimal.

The Health/Wellness/Fitness/Workout Market….

If you’ve ever advertised anything in this market, you know how saturated (read expensive) pay-per-click campaigns are.

I knew that before I started, but I was determined to make it work by finding alternative keywords. In order to find them, I started with the generic keywords, such as “fitness”, “cardio workout”, and even “gym”. I expected a flood of impressions, but to my suprise, they never came.

After a full day of running the ads on both search and content networks, I had a total of 5o impressions. That’s how bad my area’s online usage is…

With results like this, I was immediately aware that alternative keywords would have ZERO effect, so I was forced to roll with big generic keywords.

I thought it would be temporary, after all, who the hell runs single keyword PPC campaigns anyway?

Well, I did. And still do.

How I am beating NATIONAL brands on Adwords paying less than a 1/4 of their CPCs

I hate to ruin the party, but I’ve uploaded a new page to my other site explaing exactly how I got inexpensive clicks for ultra-expensive keywords.

Check out the info on the page here:

Trust me, it’s worth the extra click 😉

If you’re not going to click on it, here’s the jist of targeting local markets:

  • Google now favors local advertisers in their ranking, so you get a boost on your ads’ positioning
  • Due to the smaller traffic volume, Google won’t charge you the same as everybody else, which makes your CPC reduce by at least 60%
  • You can bid on ultra-competitive keywords like “home business opportunity” for a fraction of the CPC.

Here you’ll find much more details on low cost local target ppc campaigns

You can leave any comments here (or on the Friend Connect bar up top).

Avoid Emotional, Impulsive Decisions – Emotionless Home Business Startup

With the current economic situation, millions of professionals and stay-at-home moms & dads are researching a network marketing opportunity. Because the industry of recession scares people into making emotional, poorly planned decisions, it is highly important to take your home based business like the real world business it is; consider what your initial investment will be, how much effort (number of sales, amount of members in your organization) it will take to recover your investment and reach profit, and more importantly, how familiar with the industry are you in order to attract associates.

When researching for your network marketing startup, there are basically two options for an initial investment:

–    Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) – The stigmatized concept of sponsoring members that sponsor members, marketing low-grade products in order to make passive income from those members “underneath” your organization has been modernized, and some companies are marketing great products & offering good compensation. An average MLM startup ranges from $100 to $500, plus your initial product purchase. You’re required to keep inventory, cover shipping and handling, and cover any liability.

–    Top Tier Direct Sales – A network marketing company that utilizes direct sales will cover shipping and handling, and won’t  depend on multi-level organizations. Each representative runs his/hers own business, under any name, handles payment, and then pays the company for the product at wholesale price. Companies that use this approach have their focus on marketing premium products, and initial investment ranges from $1500 to $15000.

The effort necessary during your startup also differs according to each model. In a regular MLM, since the products are inexpensive, commissions range from $5 to $50, which means MLM is a VOLUME game. Because the sales’ commissions are small, the focus is on developing a huge organization, and accumulate commission on their sales. Average profitable “downlines” (number of people in an organization) have at least 50-70 members and generate $2000 to $3000 in profits.

In an Top Tier company, under the direct sales approach, even though a startup in network marketing will cost considerably more, commissions start at $1000. And because commissions are much larger, network marketers the use Direct Sales focus on the QUALITY. Now, the commissions from initial sales are great, but what about passive income?

That is why most network marketers starting up are choosing top tier direct sales companies – even though initial sales give you immediate income, members are also growing a downline (much smaller than MLM), and that organization will generate passive income on even HIGHER sales. For example, in LifePath Unlimited, the second tier product pays a commission of $5000, and the third tier pays $9000!

When deciding on which network marketing to startup with, consider raising a bit more capital and joining a top tier direct sales company: profits will come faster, income potential is huge, and your effort is more rewarding.

Why I Chose To Launch My Course on Ebay

The Expand Your Income Training is available on Ebay
The Expand Your Income Training is available on Ebay

Recently, I’ve merged 3 years of marketing experience, and well over $5000 in my very first training course.

The course contains my most effective marketing strategies,and a concept I’ve been developing for the past year called Marketing Integration.

Integration happens when all campaigns, no matter in which media platform, reflect an uniform message. Essentially, to use an old-school line of thought, it’s like using the same ad for TV, Radio, and Printed medias, except the medias discussed on the course are online platforms, such as Adwords, Squidoo, and List-builders.

Ebay, in this initial phase of launch, offered me the opportunity to crash test many aspects of the course:

  • My ability to write a compelling sales letter (the product description is where I’m practicing)
  • Have a sense of who exactly is my target market – by opening auctions in different categories, I’m able to determine specifics of who the course will benefit the most
  • Develop a small list of prospects – so when I do place the course on the market, these folks you have “dibs” – a nice discounted price.

The initial bid is 7.97 – I’m offering free shipping, and 10% of the sale goes to a foundation that helps kids with terminal diseases.

Expand Your Income – Ebay Auction

Check it out.


P.S –  The auction will last 5 more days. You can get the course right now, in eBook format (instead of CD). Send an email to leosaraceni[at] and I’ll contact you with instructions.

Network Marketing Startup Research: Is Top Tier Direct Sales For You?

Network Marketing Startup
Network Marketing Startup - Top Tier Direct Sales

Network marketing startup basically means prospecting several different multi-level marketing opportunities, what is usually referred to as home business opportunities, in regards to the possibility of running your entire business operation from home.

A successful network marketing startup must include top tier direct sales companies during the research. Top Tier Direct Sales is a term relatively new, and it classifies premium network marketing companies that have chosen to promote their products utilizing affiliate representatives. A Direct Sales strategy does not require the affiliate to keep any inventory, be liable for the products, or be in charge of shipping/handling.

Direct Sales representatives are solely in charge of marketing. For that, most companies will usually pay a 60% commission on every sale, which is by far the most lucrative payout for any network marketing startup.

Top Tier Direct Sales Vs. Old-School MLM

Unlike old-school MLM, Direct Sales does not require “pass-up” sales, which means representatives generate revenue from the very first sale. That’s where Top Tier comes into place: Direct Sales companies focus on premium products, and prize the quality of their representatives, rather than the quantity. This means that a Top Tier Direct Sales company startup will range from $2000 – $9000, which is much more than any regular MLM.

The most important part of the “Tier” system is the residual income generated with the sales: to focus only on the most qualified representatives, top tier direct sales companies will offer MLM-style multiple levels of compensation for their top products. This hybrid system fills many gaps of old-school multi-level –marketing compensation plans, because:

  • Direct sales representatives generate revenue from the very first sale on the entry level product (which usually costs $1500 – $1800, with a commission of $1000)
  • Residual income is massive, but only for those willing to invest more seriously in their Top Tier Franchises (2nd and 3rd tier products start at $8500 and $14500, respectively, with $5000 and $9000 commissions per sale)
  • By focusing on the quality of its members, and offering massive commissions, top tier direct sales eliminate the need for extensive “downlines” – a handful of active representatives will produce $10,000 monthly with only two 2nd tier qualifying sales.

Network Marketing Startup – Initial Investment Decision

Is Top Tier Direct Sales right for you?
Is Top Tier Direct Sales right for you?

When prospecting for a network marketing startup, your options are extensive: from Avon, Amway, and Herbalife, you get a more recognizable brand name (whether this is good or bad is relative), and a fairly low initial investment, but commissions only add up to $3-$10 per sale, and residual income is only achievable with over 200 members in your personal organization.

If you’re serious about starting a solid network marketing business, that will last longer than any recession, your research needs to focus on top tier direct sales.

However, a higher initial investment means higher commitment, and most people will never commit to their own business. As soon as the economy “gets a little better” or they get more hours on their paychecks, they drop their network marketing startup.

No matter what your decision is, take action! The alternative will cost more than any direct sales or mlm ever will.

Mike Kelly: Leadership & Mindset Beat Any Recession

Mike Kelly, Owner of the Kelly Hospitality Group
Mike Kelly, Owner of the Kelly Hospitality Group

When I decided to write on the power of a recession-proof mindset, I started looking for successful examples of entrepreneurs that create their own economies, despite what the media calls a “recession”. Mike Kelly, of the Kelly Hospitality Group, is one of the best examples of such entrepreneurs.

In the small NC community formed by the Outer Banks, approximately 35,000 people reside within  along,  thin stretch of land (almost an island).

The region is highly seasonal, reaching over 500,000 visitors/week during certain times in the summer. Due to the summer migration, most businesses in the area are ONLY open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, closing theirs doors as the tourists head back home.

During the winter months, few businesses stay open, and the majority burn through their summer profits just to keep their lights on.

At Kelly’s Restaurant & Tavern, however, tables are full even during the winter.

Kelly’s is the star of the Kelly Hospitality Group, which includes two other restaurants in the area as well, owned by Mike Kelly.

The night before Valentine’s day, Kelly’s dining room was full before 5pm. The last entree came out of the kitchen a few minutes past 11pm, with guests waiting over an hour for a table.

In the lounge, as diners arrived and waited patiently for a table, Mr. Kelly himself was the host, entertaining guests, serving drinks, and ensuring effective table turnovers.

The same scenario can be applied to the Friday before last, and to the one before that. Kelly’s is always full, and the reason is immensely due to its owner.

Mr. Kelly is always the first one in, and the last one out. He knows every vendor, every repeat guest, and this relationship is extend in all his marketing campaigns.

On his 3 restaurants, several data-gathering opportunities are softly presented to guests, and the communication is differentiated between local Outer Banks residents and tourists, to maximize personalization. This winter, when the area was surprisingly covered by two inches of snow, Mike sent out a postcard to his list of residents with a picture of his building covered in snow, that said: we’re always open, it’s warm inside, and the food is always great.

The consequences of Mike Kelly’s efforts are represented on the cordiality and dedication of the staff, who are greatly motivated by the owner’s leadership. Kelly sets the example to be followed by every employee, and even his wife often joins the staff and help on the busiest occasions.

His persistent relationship-building, through personal & direct marketing, impacts his turnover and determines his success.

One thing to be noticed is that Kelly’s marketing has been consistently effective, no matter what the economy is. Recession in, recession out, his presence is always noticed in the local media, his campaigns always include a bonus for local residents, and it reflects on his sales.

Entrepreneurs such as Mike Kelly create their own economy, focusing on his target market and ignoring national economy, news, and bailouts. Their mindset sets the pace of their success, and their leadership guides his entire enterprise forward.

Now, it is up to you: how do you plan on overcoming this ‘recession’ epidemic? Have you not been affected at all? How?