Early Bird Discount For Traffic Formula 2 + Leo’s Special Bonus!

The MLM Traffic Formula 2 Complete Package
The MLM Traffic Formula 2 Complete Package

Traffic Formula 2 Is Live

And my special bonus is still available. There are, so far, 12 slots available for personal coaching – and I’m sure they will go by fast.

Mike Dillard brought aboard an even heavier team of experts this time: Ferny Ceballos and Raymond Fong will cover the SEO training, Jim Yaghi has promised to release some special PPC strategies, and even Mike Klinger joined the Magnetic Sponsoring crew and will share some of his best content.

And the Early Bird discount is just unbelievable: $267 for the entire Traffic Formula!

To think that when it’s finished, it will go for $897, it’s a steal!

Go get yours now, enjoy the discount price, and set up an appointment to get your training with me.

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Free Online Marketing Training – Create Your Own Plan-B System!

Well folks, it’s finally here.

It only took 5 and 1/2 months, but I’m finally proud of my piece of online real state (or online state?).

As a thank you gift, and a sort of “launch”, Your Income Potential will host my Free 7-Day Expand Your Income Potential training, which will outline exactly how to create your own marketing system.

In the next 7-Days (if iContact cooperates), I’ll be guiding fellow entrepreneurs through:

Where to invest your time:

  • The most effective FREE advertisement platforms, where your time investment won’t go to waste – forget about wasting hours on Traffic Exchange or unknown classifieds;
  • How to use Squidoo and HUB Pages to not only promote your personal brand, but to increase your ranking on Search Engines such as Google and Yahoo;
  • Discover the powerful impact Forums and Online Communities have on your traffic and how they can raise your brand to an online “celebrity” status

Effective Budget Advertisement

  • Exactly how to use Pay-Per-Click advertisement to obtain maximum results paying the lowest possible Cost-Per-Click – simple keyword generation techniques that will cut your costs in half!
  • How to BUY access to huge lists of TARGETED customers (we’re talking 3000, 5000, even 20000 customers) paying a small YEARLY fee
  • The ultimate FUNDED PROPOSAL strategy, explained step-by-step, from choosing your “bribe” to when, how, and where to offer it to your prospects

Leveraging Your personal brand

  • Social Media, Social Media, Social Media: down-to-earth approach of how to use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and others to expand your brand awareness and ignite your networking contacts
  • Fail-proof approach to include the power of BLOGS to your marketing, including all the myths behind WordPress (how to install it, use it, and love it!), content-creation and publicity
  • Become an online celebrity by building a community of followers behind your brand, that will eat your products up!

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Effective Relationship Building through Social Media

Social Networking - Relationship BuildingLittered with poking, silly games, and mountains of applications, you might think Facebook is just for kids. A year or two ago, you would have been right since majority of users were high school and college students. However, for the past six months, the group of users age 35-54 years has been experiencing explosive growth. In fact, these users posted an impressive 276% growth rate for the last half of 2008 – the equivalent of almost doubling every two months. So how can you capitalize on this? We have a few tips to make the most of social media, such as Facebook, for the purpose of relationship building.

Do your homework. Facebook is an environment that oversteps the boundaries between personal and business lives. It is a place where you can piece together your colleagues’ personality. That said, do some research! Find out your prospective business connection’s interests and preferences.

Make meaningful connections. Quality always beats quantity. Compare social media to a big party. You make connections because you are fun and interesting to interact with. If your connections ever become business colleagues, that is wonderful but it should never be your primary motive. Above all, you want to create meaningful relationships!

Use your toolset. You do not have to install dozens of fancy applications to make an impact. By default, your Facebook account has a number of basic tools you can use to help others get to know you. Write notes, post photos and links, and make an impression. You have to participate in social media for other users to interact with you and develop a connection.

Toss the agenda. Avoid trying to market yourself immediately. You want others to see you as a person. Just posting links to your blog and sending messages with clearly ulterior motives will alienate others irreversibly! Focus on being real and developing connections.

Maintain. This may seem like common sense but its often forgotten. Once you create a connection, you need to maintain it. That is, keep in touch even if lightly. Check up occasionally and see what is new. Read notes and statuses, exchange information, and help others out whenever possible.

If the overall message is not clear already, social media is about quality relationship building. Facebook is an endless supply of interesting people in both social and business aspects. If carefully cultivated, your relationships may develop into wonderful prospects for your future. Perhaps you know a guy who knows a guy? Use your connection and ask for an introduction! Maybe you have found the perfect business partner. Take a leap and make the most out of Facebook.