15 Ways to Get Motivated & Avoid Procrastination [Infographic]

Wait but why wrote one of the best outlines of procrastination ever in their Why Procrastinators Procrastinate post, and it’s helped me quite a bit. This infographic, however, digests a few common and some not-so-common ideas to understand the reasons why we procrastinate, how to get motivated and avoid procrastinating even further:

Crucial Takeaway

Procrastination doesnt necessarily equal lazy. Inaction is often caused by anxiety, fear of failure or negative perfectionism.

Procrastination-Beating Techniques

We broke the graphic in 2 to make it easier to load. Click or tap either portion for higher-resolution images:



Source: reddit.com/r/GetMotivated

My Favorites

Swiss-cheese tasks: if you think about the entire blog post you have to write, or the whole campaign you need to prepare at work, it might feel daunting. But if you think about writing just the outline of the post, or only set up the 1st slide explaining the campaign, it feels much more doable. And the cool trick is once you start doing, you’ll end up getting a lot more done.

Reward system: how about for every item ticked off your to-do list, you get a whole 15min on Reddit? Or, for every 5 days you eat right you get a 1000 kcal cheat meal “bonus”? This works pretty well in combination with the tip above, once you really break down your to-do list into smaller tasks.


Set realistic goals and physically list objectives that will help you achieve those goals. Then, split up those objectives into smaller pieces within realistic time frames of working on them, separated by small breaks. Before you set out to do a task, estimate how long the task will take you to finish and compare to how long it actually took. Ask your family/roommate to stop enabling you if you’re procrastinating. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

What were you supposed to be doing anyway?

If you forgot (or are trying not to think about) what you really had to do before getting here, enjoy the ride! Go ahead and leave us a comment, it’ll give me a reason to not do something I was supposed to be doing and read it.

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