• Eben Pagan Doesnt Know Funk!

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    At least, not like I do. Not like any Brazilian knows.

    In a recent (surprising) post, Eben shared how he introduced Frank Kern to the world of Funk music.

    First off, wow! Eben Pagan likes funk! He is one of my “when-I-grow-up” heroes, revolutionary marketer/copywriter, generous phylantropist, and now, COOL! Really, I shouldn’t assume a professional I never met would be uncool just because of his work ethics and posture.

    Perhaps due to the huge distance I had imagined existed between our personalities, I never pictured Eben – or any of my heroes, for this matter, to be a fan of Funk music;  in Brazil, Funk is a popular cultural expression, enjoyed by the economically challenged since forever, and that has recently been given its “Cool Status” by the rich.

    I grew up on this stuff, just like any other Brazilian under 30. Our Culture adopted Funk as a means of expressing anything from how beautiful Brazilian women’s hips are, to the popular disregard to Politics/Politicians.

    And then comes Eben, with the above-mentioned post, listing a 100%-english Funk list.

    Nothing against George Clinton, Sly, or Marvin Gaye; I’ve learned to enjoy THEIR Funk as well.

    But Eben, this is the Funk Brazilians groove to:

    http://www.myspace.com/djmarlboro or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7w_R07b87eQ

    To be included on your list:

    Dj Marlboro

    MC Leozinho

    Now, I have to admit, Eben deserves even MORE respect from me after exposing his good taste for music. Somehow, I find it reassuring that this highly successful individual shares my taste for music.

    Well, not quite, but reassuring nonetheless.

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