This Is What Falling 20+ft Does… And Why You Should Do The Same!

I jumped off of a bridge today.

Heck YEAH!

A 6-meter (22ft) fall straight into the Roanoake Island waters!

To the astonishment of a suddenly-quiet wife, and the curious audience of a nearby waterfront restaurant, I jumped.

Roanoke Island Bridge, Manteo NC
Roanoke Island Bridge, Manteo NC

Completely unplanned, coming back from an afternoon stroller ride, I took off my shirt, and despite wearing white cotton shorts, IT FELT GREAT!

I had written before about facing challenges with confidence, but this is something new.

Adrenaline Rush & Internet Marketing?

To be honest, I hadn’t experienced anything this exciting since my son was born, and his birth still was more of a mental rush than straight up adrenaline.

It’s not like sitting on the computer trying to get people to buy my stuff isn’t fun. Trust me, it’s a LOT of fun.

But routine kills people. Daily repetition is what drives Post Office employees nuts.

Routine is so bad that makes you come online every evening trying to find a way out of it.

Non-Linear Pattern (NLP)

I first heard about NLP from Frank Kern, and I’ve been reading about it ever since. NLP, in regards to customer behavior, means shocking a customer out of his/hers expected pattern of action in order to increase conversions.

A good example of this in internet marketing is the recent utilization of video sales letters, which are customary on TV (infomercials), but relatively new in our favorite media.

But what has NLP to do with me jumping off of a bridge?

Well, screwing the “routine” is a major shock to anybody’s expected  behavior, and it gives you opportunities:

  • The sudden pattern break “resets” your brain, which has to scramble to catch up with the new situation. This is a major opportunity to see things from a new perspective, or to come up with new ideas.
  • When there’s adrenaline involved, the hormonal discharge makes you feel like Superman; increased confidence leads to bold moves, which often result in … greater rewards.
  • It’s just as good as a break – but with a complete shift in mindset.

How do you plan on Breaking the Pattern?

Whether jumping off of a bridge or offering your customers a revolutionary experience, what are your plans to break the routine?

Post your comments, and be sure to specify if indeed it RESETTED your brain…!

14 thoughts on “This Is What Falling 20+ft Does… And Why You Should Do The Same!”

  1. Ha ha that must have been great! I know what you mean, the sudden break in the usual patterns can be so restorative. A few weeks ago I was talking to a friend over the phone and suddenly out of the blue we decided to drop everything and go climbing and skiing in Washington State way up at the top of an 8000 foot peak. I went home packed went to the airport cashed in all my free miles and jumped on a plane for Seattle. It was an amazing weekend and it did more for me than a two week planned vacation.
    And it doesn’t have to be anything that extreme. One day I decide to declare barefoot day at the office day, took off my shoes and socks and started spending the day walking around barefoot. It was silly, but it made people stop and laugh and amazingly by the end of the day most people in the office were barefoot.
    In both cases I felt “resetted”. Do the unplanned! It is so healthy and powerful, even for the people around you.

    1. Hey Paulo, thanks for topping my extreme adventure with your super trip.. 😉
      But barefoot in the office day is an awesome idea… If I had a job, I’d definitely do it.
      Again, really appreciate your comment. You’re awesome.

  2. This is a great share Leo. Sounds like you are playing with the part of your mind that puts limits on what’s possible in life. I am feeling the same vibes right now actually. Jumping off bridges…all kinds….is simply the way I’ve lived my life, yet I have been up against a new, particular set of doubts right in the past month…..and the jumping is so freekin’ incredible! BELIEVE!

    Love it.
    Thanks, Corin

    1. Absolutely, Corin. When you break that pattern, you push your limits, and your mind stretches a bit more. This bit more means a whole new world of possibilities!
      Thank you for stopping by, appreciate the comment!

  3. Well, that seems like it would have been pretty cool. I also agree. A very spontaneous action sometimes does revive the soul a bit, and bring on a new perspective, especially when it does come with the mundane tasks of marketing online. Recently, I came out of my comfort zone a bit as well, and the results have been quite impressive.

  4. I enjoy getting peoples’ attention actually. A well-timed pause, a surprising comment, an unexpected reaction to something they’ve said…

    Jumping off that bridge was a great idea!

  5. its such fun when you get out of your comfort zone. you have my vote. why don’t more people do it? i think that its living your life and not just turning up for it.

  6. Great title!

    The image brought back memories …. from my TEEN years …(which is definitely more than just a few) lol .

    I can relate to what your saying and breaking the repetitive cycle in almost anything we do.

    One of the things I noticed when first coming online, becoming involved with a program and then doing a little promoting, the nature of the message by many promoting the same thing was nearly the same. Rather than following the same repetitive path, I tried to step back with a different approach. The one thing I hadn’t considered was my own repetitiveness in my altered path. More food for thought for sure!

    Thanks for the insight!

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