Give It Away For Free & Build Your Network

I’m very proud to announce that a LinkedIn chat between me and Kathy Forman Frey (of the Hot Mommas Project) turned into a blog post entitled The #1 Piece Of Business Knowledge Entrepreneurs Wished They Knew

Kathy posted to her class my statement that I wished I’d known earlier that giving freely, without want, is the best way to grow your business.

I learned that from Mike Dillard, reading the Magnetic Sponsoring course: “Give it without want and you will get without asking.”

The sole purpose of this blog is to share my findings, my discoveries, and my knowledge, in order to assist other entrepreneurs in their journey. Thanks to service provided by this blog, I am able to connect with successful professionals and build a powerful network.

Which brings us to the second point that Kathy elucidated on her post regarding my statement:

Creating a powerful network is something I could’ve done earlier. I was able to find amazing professionals by forcing myself to interact. Because I’m not a native (i’m Brazilian), and I carry an accent, I had become used to doing things on my own. But once I realized how powerful it is when you’re open to offer your time for free to assist people, I noticed I was able to form relationships mutually beneficial, because I too could benefit from them”

I couldn’t stress enough how fundamental a network of like-minded professionals is for a entrepreneur; masterminding, sharing, learning, and growing are all practices that accelerate your learning curve and provide direction for actions.

Today, I’d like everybody to read Kathy’s post, and try to respond to the questions she presented.

All comments are appreciated!

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