Why Network Marketers Should NOT Use Traffic Exchange

Traffic Exchange

Traffic exchange networks claim to bring traffic into your website. Pretty obvious, right?

What is even better, most of them are free to join. Yeah, much better! 🙂

Here’s how Traffic Exchange work:

Every member of the network has the chance to add a certain number of websites; to get your websites to display, members have to earn – or acquire – credits.

You earn credits by clicking through their list of websites, like flippling the pages of a catalog with random pages on it.

Basically, members visit other people’s websites in exchange for promoting their own.

Here’s why Traffic Exchange is useless to Network Marketers:

1. Network Marketers need prospects, not traffic.

Unlike CPA advertisers, we don’t make money from visitors. You’re better off having 100 visits/day from “home business seekers” than 5000 visits/day from random people that just want to promote their website.

Which brings us to the second point:

2. Traffic Exchange has zero target possibilities

At least to my knowledge, there’s no traffic exchange network specific to network marketing; the most targetting you can do is pick the topics you’d like to have available to surf.

Members are surfing because they want traffic – not because they’re looking for what you offer.

And lastly, highly important:

3.  None of the members pay any attention to what your website says

Even with the required 16/20 secs each member has to wait on each website to receive a credit, due to the imposition, visitors will not read your site’s content: they will count the seconds to their next click.

It fascinates me how people will keep multiple tabs open, clicking their way through more credits, while reading a blog post, tweeting, or any other non-related action.

So stop wasting your time clicking through darn credits… Everybody else is doing the same!

It’s like you own a traditional brick & mortar business, and you spend most of your time getting people off the street, into your business, without ever making any profit out of them.

Spend your time wisely building up your content, write articles, publish webpages, build a network filled with great connections…That’s what drives traffic to your website.

Even better, create a powerful ppc campaign and pick & choose your leads.

Just like any other “magical” solution – money, traffic, leads – take it all with a grain of salt. There’s ALWAYS a catch!

P.S – My opinion regards network marketers. CPA, affiliates, and everybody else that might have success with those networks, disregard my little rampage.

7 thoughts on “Why Network Marketers Should NOT Use Traffic Exchange”

  1. Leo,
    Great article. I’ve been wondering about that lately as I’ve been clicking through the one traffic exchange I have ads with. I agree with you. I don’t read most people’s ads, I’m doing something else simultaneously, just to kill the time. My time would be better spent creating original content. Mike Dillard talks about leverage. Clicking to get my ads shown gives me no leverage as it is only a one time showing of my ad. Creating content on the internet gives me leverage because it’s shown infinitely and can be found my search engines and potential prospects days, weeks, and months from now.

    There is one exception. Mike Klingler is now advertising his TweeterGetter link to get more Twitter followers on traffic exchanges. Maybe Traffic Exchanges are effective when you’re advertising something new and trendy. He isn’t trying to directly sign people up through the traffic exchange, just get more Twitter followers.

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!

    Kari Baxter

  2. Right on Leo — Great Article…

    Traffic exchanges is one of the greatest time wasters I know of…

    You have a great blog here – I’ll have to visit more often!


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