• Social Media Silos and PPC Landing Pages

    by  • July 28, 2009 • ppc • 0 Comments

    Weird freaking topic combination, isnt it?

    But yeah, today I churned out a combination of these two topics, the first one at the YourIncomePotential, about landing pages and cheap ppc traffic, which is a continuation of the discussion about the google adwords affiliate slap.

    I’ve had great feedback from the initial article about the affiliate slap, and now folks can see the basis of a highly-converting landing page.

    And as I was reading about Social Media Silos, it struck me that most companies flush their social media marketing down the drain by failing to integrate departments and make them communicate.

    A silly mistake that can cost thousands of dollars and waste considerable time, silos are the result of a poorly constructed social strategy. Companies that see a blog as another billboard are doomed.

    Check out the material I published above, I’m feeling amazingly productive today and I’d appreciate your opinion.


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