• Excel Formulas to Extract Subfolder from URL String

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    To assist in your backlink analysis. With backlink data, you can then determine which folders are most linked to and investigate why, potentially replicating its success. For these formulas to work, it’s best to “FORMAT DATA AS TABLE” in excel.

    Using Google Webmaster Tools Data

    =IFERROR(MID([@[Your pages]],FIND("/",[@[Your pages]])+1, FIND("/",[@[Your pages]], FIND("/",[@[Your pages]])+1)-FIND("/",[@[Your pages]])-1),"home")

    Using MOZ Backlink Data

    =TRIM(LEFT(SUBSTITUTE(MID([@[Target URL]],FIND("//",[@[Target URL]])+2+IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("//www.",[@[Target URL]])),4),LEN([@[Target URL]]))&"/","/",REPT(" ",999),2),999))




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