Tracking Hurricane #Sandy From My Balcony – Passaic, NJ

Update – the worst seems to be over, but the damages are obvious. See pictures of Hurricane Sandy’s aftermath in Passaic.

Monday, 10/29 – 2PM

Wind is now picking up speed, blowing mostly against one of the windows in the living room. Rain is coming down in intervals, with showers falling sideways (really cool to watch). We still have power, which is my main concern at this point. Click below for even higher resolution:
Click for HD full size image here

On the bright side – Wife’s banana cake just came out of the oven and it’s phenomenal!

Monday, 10/29 – 4:30PM

Wind has definitely picked up speed, and rain is now non-stop. We still have power (very happy about it). Click below for higher resolution:
Click for HD full size image here

Video update:

Wife’s banana cake is indeed amazing. I fear being locked inside with such entity will create negative effects to my waistline.

Monday, 10/29 – 7PM

Wind is really strong, and rain is falling heavily. Scratch that – now we have a proper storm. Lightning and all, gorgeous, but dangerous. Pretty loud noises in all of the windows, and debris are flying. Check it out (click for higher-res):

Since it’s dark, there’s no point in me taking pictures, but I did go out and took some video from the ground level. Scary to think that those parking signs could end up flying away, they’re very sharp and can seriously hurt someone:

On a more negative note, lights are starting to flicker. We have our candles and flashlights ready, but we’re really hoping we dont lose power. Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, 10/30 – 9:30am

We have not lost power, which we’re extremely thankful for. Winds are still very strong, but rain seems to be mild, pretty much gone. Click for bigger image:
The noise of chainsaws and wood chipper trucks is constant, the damage around the neighborhood was severe. I will post some pictures on another article.

As Hurricane Sandy makes her way into the East Coast, we’re tucked in, trying to make the most of this time indoors. One of the projects that came to mind was tracking the storm, so we could keep friends/family updated and hopefully make the time go by a bit faster.

From our apartment in Passaic, NJ we’re blessed with a great view, which I plan to use to track the storm. From time to time I will take a panoramic shot and update this post.

Stay tuned for more updates every couple hours.

All pictures and video taken with my Samsung Galaxy SII

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