Graffiti Passaic Park

Winter Stroll Through Passaic Park

This morning Little Leo and I went to Passaic Park for a walk, and if you’ve never been there, it is a gorgeous park. We’re very lucky to live within walking distance.

With that said, however, the park is GROSSLY neglected by the town.

A Little Maintenance Goes A Long Way

1. Playground Access Afterhours
We dont go to the park every day. Not even every week. But the past 2 times we were there – today and before Christmas, in December, we found evidence that the park had been used afterhours by the wrong type of kids.

In December, I saw a used condom. Seriously, a used freaking condom.

I’m a huge fan of outdoor “fun”. I have to admit it. But the park, seriously?

It’d have been great to shove that incident off as a unique occurrence. Today, however, the park had huge Graffiti marks in multiple toys. And not even the cool, artisy, Banksy style graffiti. The ugly, gang-like, poorly drawn ones. See below:

Graffiti Passaic Park

Simple solution – a tall, solid, sturdy fence around the playground. Institute decent hours. While ill-intended folks could very well jump over the fence and have sex or graffiti, it’d take a lot more effort and draw that much more attention. Plus, it’d help with problem #2, which I talk about below.

2. Duck Feces
There are a bazillion ducks around the park, and while they’re very entertaining, they go about their “needs” EVERYWHERE. Seriously, everywhere. I’m not trying to potty train these ducks, but they completely ruin not just the green areas but large parts of the pathways and even the playground field.


Simple solution – a short, simple fence throughout the pathways would prevent the animals from going #2 there. Additionally, better enforcement in the “DONT FEED THE ANIMALS” rule can keep people from making a family activity out of feeding these ducks.

Not In The Budget?

Allow local community associations to pitch in. Allow businesses to contribute in exchange for subtle ad placements. It’s a fantastic asset to the neighborhood and it can draw much needed real estate attention to the area.

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