How To Backup Your WordPress MySQL Database Using PhpMyAdmin

This is usually the 1st step before migrating your wordpress site to a new server, transferring it to a new domain, or for simple backup reasons. It’s highly recommended to backup your database as frequently as possible.

Log into PhpMyAdmin

In some hosts, it’s easier to log into your main control panel and then find the PhpMyAdmin icon. Below is what Hostgator’s cPanel looks like:


Looking under the “databases” section might help as well.

Select the Database to Export

Within PhPMyAdmin’s left nav you’ll find a list of your server’s databases. Select the one you want to export by simply clicking on it.


If you have more than one database and are not sure which is the correct one, you might want to FTP into your site and open a file called /wp-config.php – all your database details are stored there.

Click “Export”

Section by Section:

Click for higher resolution.

1 – Choose “Custom” under Export Methods

2 – Select ALL TABLES

3 – Save Output to a file

4 – Choose SQL under “Format”


Format-specific settings:

5 – Check “display comments”

6 – Dump table “Structure and data”

7 – Check ALL options under “add statements”

8 – Check “Enclose table and field names”


Data dump options:

9 – Select “both of the above” under syntax to use when inserting data

10 – Check “Dump binary columns in hexadecimal notation”

11 – Check “Dump TIMESTAMP columns in UTC”

Save it in a Secure Directory!

12 – Click “GO”!

If you’re looking to migrate your site, you’ll then upload your database backup to your new server’s PhpMyAdmin, using the Import function.

Google Chrome’s “Now Everywhere” Is The One Commercial To Rule Them All

Leave it to Google to prove TV commercials can be effective. The new “Now Everywhere” Chrome commercial, featuring Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, is whimsical, intriguing, and quite addictive. See for yourself below:

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Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in Passaic, NJ – Tuesday, 10/30


Last night was definitely rough. Really strong winds made us feel like the windows were ready to burst at any point, and we could hear a lot of noise from nearby car/roof damages. The aftermath shows a ton of downed trees around the neighborhood, and several areas are out of power. Check out my Tracking Hurricane Sandy post for more details.

Our building suffered some minor damage – as you can see above, the swimming pool fence is mostly gone. The parking lot has a lot of debris, and several signs are missing. A big tree fell very close to the garage, but luckily it doesnt seem to have damaged anything.

Full Aftermath Album

Power Outages

Our offices in Hillside are out of power, and so is most of the neighborhood – Clifton, Passaic, Rutherford and Lyndhurst have non-working traffic lights, and there are barely any businesses open. At this point, I’d say the biggest danger is driving around with barely any traffic lights working.

Luckily, it seems the worst is over. We’ve eaten way too much banana cake, and are ready to step out of the house a bit.

Now it’s on to recovery and clean up.

Tracking Hurricane #Sandy From My Balcony – Passaic, NJ

Update – the worst seems to be over, but the damages are obvious. See pictures of Hurricane Sandy’s aftermath in Passaic.

Monday, 10/29 – 2PM

Wind is now picking up speed, blowing mostly against one of the windows in the living room. Rain is coming down in intervals, with showers falling sideways (really cool to watch). We still have power, which is my main concern at this point. Click below for even higher resolution:
Click for HD full size image here

On the bright side – Wife’s banana cake just came out of the oven and it’s phenomenal!

Monday, 10/29 – 4:30PM

Wind has definitely picked up speed, and rain is now non-stop. We still have power (very happy about it). Click below for higher resolution:
Click for HD full size image here

Video update:

Wife’s banana cake is indeed amazing. I fear being locked inside with such entity will create negative effects to my waistline.

Monday, 10/29 – 7PM

Wind is really strong, and rain is falling heavily. Scratch that – now we have a proper storm. Lightning and all, gorgeous, but dangerous. Pretty loud noises in all of the windows, and debris are flying. Check it out (click for higher-res):

Since it’s dark, there’s no point in me taking pictures, but I did go out and took some video from the ground level. Scary to think that those parking signs could end up flying away, they’re very sharp and can seriously hurt someone:

On a more negative note, lights are starting to flicker. We have our candles and flashlights ready, but we’re really hoping we dont lose power. Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, 10/30 – 9:30am

We have not lost power, which we’re extremely thankful for. Winds are still very strong, but rain seems to be mild, pretty much gone. Click for bigger image:
The noise of chainsaws and wood chipper trucks is constant, the damage around the neighborhood was severe. I will post some pictures on another article.

As Hurricane Sandy makes her way into the East Coast, we’re tucked in, trying to make the most of this time indoors. One of the projects that came to mind was tracking the storm, so we could keep friends/family updated and hopefully make the time go by a bit faster.

From our apartment in Passaic, NJ we’re blessed with a great view, which I plan to use to track the storm. From time to time I will take a panoramic shot and update this post.

Stay tuned for more updates every couple hours.

All pictures and video taken with my Samsung Galaxy SII

VERY Brief study of the water use in the Lyndhurst Town Park in New Jersey

I’m back analyzing Northern New Jersey playgrounds, but this time I not only have good things to say but a “higher” reason to say them. Believe it or not, there are some people in my family that still pay attention to the pics of my son I furiously email them on weekends. One of those family members is my mom, who’s one of the most talented architects in Fortaleza, Brazil.

She happened to see a previous pic we took at the Lyndhurst Town Park and was intrigued at the sustainability of their Vortex water park. She ended up pitching it to a client and the client loved the idea, so she “commissioned” me to take more pics and investigate a bit further. The rest of this post, as well as the descriptions in the album below are in Portuguese, for her.

Fotos do Parque Municipal de Lyndhurst, Nova Jersey

De acordo com o pessoal da manutencao do parque, aproximadamente 90% da agua utilizada acaba sendo reutilizada. Os jatos d’agua foram desenhados para que toda a agua caia sobre o chao absorvente, mas a parte mais importante da absorcao eh feita pelo ralo central. A depressao do parque encaminha a agua para o ralo, que despeja a agua em um tanque situado ao lado do parque. Desse tanque, a agua passa por um filtro, e do filtro volta para o parque.

Fotos Adicionais

Eu acabei tirando fotos do playground que fica bem ao lado do parque aquatico. Esse playground tambem utiliza um chao de borracha, muito absorvente, que ajuda a reduzir trauma caso as criancas caiam no chao. Esse chao eh muito comum em parquinhos aqui em Nova Jersey e em Nova Iorque, mas eu nao tinha visto na Carolina Do Norte.

Companhias que fornecem esse tipo de chao de borracha:

Detalhes Importantes

  • A companhia que construiu o sistema se chama VORTEX
  • A Vortex eh especialista mundial em sistemas sustentaveis de agua
  • Eu recomendo muito assistir aos videos deles

Para ver as fotos em RESOLUCAO ALTA, clique na rosca no canto direito superior da imagem e clique em “VIEW IN FULL RESOLUTION”.

P.s – The Lyndhurst Town park is our 2nd favorite park in the entire NJ/NY area. It’s by far the cleanest and safest, and in our opinion, loses only to Hoboken. Hoboken’s pier park deserves a post of its own, soon, and it currently ranks #1 in family entertainment.

Winter Stroll Through Passaic Park

This morning Little Leo and I went to Passaic Park for a walk, and if you’ve never been there, it is a gorgeous park. We’re very lucky to live within walking distance.

With that said, however, the park is GROSSLY neglected by the town.

A Little Maintenance Goes A Long Way

1. Playground Access Afterhours
We dont go to the park every day. Not even every week. But the past 2 times we were there – today and before Christmas, in December, we found evidence that the park had been used afterhours by the wrong type of kids.

In December, I saw a used condom. Seriously, a used freaking condom.

I’m a huge fan of outdoor “fun”. I have to admit it. But the park, seriously?

It’d have been great to shove that incident off as a unique occurrence. Today, however, the park had huge Graffiti marks in multiple toys. And not even the cool, artisy, Banksy style graffiti. The ugly, gang-like, poorly drawn ones. See below:

Graffiti Passaic Park

Simple solution – a tall, solid, sturdy fence around the playground. Institute decent hours. While ill-intended folks could very well jump over the fence and have sex or graffiti, it’d take a lot more effort and draw that much more attention. Plus, it’d help with problem #2, which I talk about below.

2. Duck Feces
There are a bazillion ducks around the park, and while they’re very entertaining, they go about their “needs” EVERYWHERE. Seriously, everywhere. I’m not trying to potty train these ducks, but they completely ruin not just the green areas but large parts of the pathways and even the playground field.


Simple solution – a short, simple fence throughout the pathways would prevent the animals from going #2 there. Additionally, better enforcement in the “DONT FEED THE ANIMALS” rule can keep people from making a family activity out of feeding these ducks.

Not In The Budget?

Allow local community associations to pitch in. Allow businesses to contribute in exchange for subtle ad placements. It’s a fantastic asset to the neighborhood and it can draw much needed real estate attention to the area.

Are You Good Enough of a Communicator To Save Money?

Communicating Effectively Saves Time & Money

Mastering communication is the most profitable investments one can make when considering education. As Peter Drucker stated, in regards to the new information worker, the most valuable asset a worker brings to a company is the ability to clearly communicate with others that may not share his/her own ideas and ideals.

Picture this: you can hire a very talented designer in the U.S. for $40-55 per hour. She is almost as talented as the Indian designer that charges $10-15. But because of cultural differences and a lack of clearly stated goals, the Indian designer’s project outcome is miles apart from what you had envisioned.

If you’re able to describe terms and milestones extra clearly, and specify details with attention, even if it takes more of your time initially, you’d end up saving $30 per hour.

As the projects become more expensive, and the number of pieces involved increase, those $30 per hour quickly become $130, $300, or even $1000 per hour. If you’re able to describe exactly what you want and exactly what each piece involved needs to do, you save incredible amounts of time and money by avoiding back-and-forth corrections and revisions.

The same applies to every aspect of your life – imagine if your wife complains that you’re working too late one day; you reply, in an angry tone, that you’re working late to pay for her day at the Spa. Now, you’re both clearly upset and guess what – both wrong. As a good communicator, you need to be able to understand the message behind the message – she really wants your company/she is really tired/she is jealous – and knowing so makes your answer  more suitable – “I totally understand honey – I’ll make it up to you tomorrow”.

Communication is the means to any end.

Get Google Analytics Installed On Your Site – Free!

Have you ever wondered what page on your site is more popular?

Or what exactly people type on a search query to find your site?

Specific data like that make all the difference when it comes to marketing your business online.

Google analytics has been around for a while – it’s 100% free, all you have to do is install it on every page of your site.

“it” is a javascript code of about 7 lines that change nothing on your site – it only allows Google to track each visitor while on your site.

It’s specifically beneficial to PPC advertisers to know what keywords are really converting – or for SEO campaigns to track where the highest traffic referrals come from.

It’s also one of the only ways to measure social media impact – Analytics gives you complete data on visitors that arrived on your site from Digg, Facebook, or Twitter so you can track your social media roi.

Market & Convert is installing Analytics for free

My web solutions agency is performing free analytics installation during the Holidays – to help business owners with their websites.

We create an analytics account for you, insert those 7 lines of code to every page on your site, and BAM!

The next day you can already visit your account to see traffic data.

All we need is your ftp info!

Visit our analytics installation page now –

the promotion is only valid until 12/20!

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Daily Inspirational Videos – My daily soul breakfast

I wanted to share with you today a cool video that I watch almost every morning as I’m having breakfast with my son.

We both sit and eat our cereals while watching this – he’s only 18 months, but he really calms down as he watches it, and he just loves the baby that shows up at the end.

It’s a short video, that comes from the movie The Secret, and has everything to do with the Law Of Attraction – basically, creating a good environment to start the day right.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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The Saraceni Family Outer Banks Thanksgiving

WOW – What a wonderful Thanksgiving day!

It was the very first time we took baby Leo to a restaurant for such a long time (1 1/2 hours) – but as you can see on the video, our boy did not mind at all. In fact, he only complained when we had to take his plate away from him to go replenish it a the buffet.

Seriously, he ate more than my wife did 😉

And come on – could she be more cute? Did you see how shy she was at the camera? I got her by surprise, I admit, but she’s just too cute.

By the time we left, the entire staff at the Red Sky Cafe was in love with little Leo – which made it easier to justify the mess he had made 😉

But all in all, this was an amazing experience – HUGE thanks to Chef Wes Stepp, who invited us to his wonderful restaurant.

You can watch as Wes introduces his entire Thanksgiving menu on video here.