Michael Losier, The Law Of Attraction & LifePath Unlimited: A Powerful Combination

Michael Losier - LifePath Unlimited Luminaire
Michael Losier - LifePath Unlimited Luminaire

Michal Losier, Oprah’s Law of Attraction specialist and author of the best-seller “The Law Of Attraction: How to Attract More Of What You Want And Less Of What You Don’t Want”, is one of the luminaries guiding LifePath Unlimited members to success.

After the profound impact of the movie The Secret, where the ancient Law Of Attraction was made widely popular, Michael Losier emerged as the resource for better understanding this universal law. When LifePath Unlimited initiated the creation of its personal development home study course, Losier was one the first authorities to be contacted, and his contribution is to this date, highly acclaimed by LifePath members.

In LifePath’s Discovery Series – a complete personal development home study course, Michael Losier joins 13 other luminaries to introduce, explain, and exercise concepts such as the Law of Attraction, the power of gratitude, maintaining your own power, and many more. The Discovery series is divided into 8 paths, each dedicated to a specific area of mind, body, and soul.

The popularity of the Law of Attraction, and the power within its mastery, draws a great deal of attention to the lessons taught by Michael Losier. Motivated by the words on his book, or by his appearances on national TV, hundreds of enlightened entrepreneurs set course to attract more of they want: personally, financially, and spiritually. Their research more than often leads to LifePath Unlimited, who took the education, the instructions, and the exercises, added a powerful financial opportunity and now offers members the chance to improve all aspects of their lives.

LifePath Unlimited’s business opportunity is based on the direct sales strategy, fueled by the free enterprise concept: each Discovery customer is a small franchise (without paying royalties or any fees) and has the ability to promote the products in exchange for a minimum $1000 commission.

The combination of personal development studies with amazing financial compensation is driving LifePath’s growth to the roof, and one major side effect is now noticed: LifePath Unlimited’s community of members, like-minded entrepreneurs motivated to mutually assist others, is becoming a product within a product.

Experience the powerful effects of this combination for yourself and expand your potential.

Avoid Emotional, Impulsive Decisions – Emotionless Home Business Startup

With the current economic situation, millions of professionals and stay-at-home moms & dads are researching a network marketing opportunity. Because the industry of recession scares people into making emotional, poorly planned decisions, it is highly important to take your home based business like the real world business it is; consider what your initial investment will be, how much effort (number of sales, amount of members in your organization) it will take to recover your investment and reach profit, and more importantly, how familiar with the industry are you in order to attract associates.

When researching for your network marketing startup, there are basically two options for an initial investment:

–    Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) – The stigmatized concept of sponsoring members that sponsor members, marketing low-grade products in order to make passive income from those members “underneath” your organization has been modernized, and some companies are marketing great products & offering good compensation. An average MLM startup ranges from $100 to $500, plus your initial product purchase. You’re required to keep inventory, cover shipping and handling, and cover any liability.

–    Top Tier Direct Sales – A network marketing company that utilizes direct sales will cover shipping and handling, and won’t  depend on multi-level organizations. Each representative runs his/hers own business, under any name, handles payment, and then pays the company for the product at wholesale price. Companies that use this approach have their focus on marketing premium products, and initial investment ranges from $1500 to $15000.

The effort necessary during your startup also differs according to each model. In a regular MLM, since the products are inexpensive, commissions range from $5 to $50, which means MLM is a VOLUME game. Because the sales’ commissions are small, the focus is on developing a huge organization, and accumulate commission on their sales. Average profitable “downlines” (number of people in an organization) have at least 50-70 members and generate $2000 to $3000 in profits.

In an Top Tier company, under the direct sales approach, even though a startup in network marketing will cost considerably more, commissions start at $1000. And because commissions are much larger, network marketers the use Direct Sales focus on the QUALITY. Now, the commissions from initial sales are great, but what about passive income?

That is why most network marketers starting up are choosing top tier direct sales companies – even though initial sales give you immediate income, members are also growing a downline (much smaller than MLM), and that organization will generate passive income on even HIGHER sales. For example, in LifePath Unlimited, the second tier product pays a commission of $5000, and the third tier pays $9000!

When deciding on which network marketing to startup with, consider raising a bit more capital and joining a top tier direct sales company: profits will come faster, income potential is huge, and your effort is more rewarding.

Why I Chose To Launch My Course on Ebay

The Expand Your Income Training is available on Ebay
The Expand Your Income Training is available on Ebay

Recently, I’ve merged 3 years of marketing experience, and well over $5000 in my very first training course.

The course contains my most effective marketing strategies,and a concept I’ve been developing for the past year called Marketing Integration.

Integration happens when all campaigns, no matter in which media platform, reflect an uniform message. Essentially, to use an old-school line of thought, it’s like using the same ad for TV, Radio, and Printed medias, except the medias discussed on the course are online platforms, such as Adwords, Squidoo, and List-builders.

Ebay, in this initial phase of launch, offered me the opportunity to crash test many aspects of the course:

  • My ability to write a compelling sales letter (the product description is where I’m practicing)
  • Have a sense of who exactly is my target market – by opening auctions in different categories, I’m able to determine specifics of who the course will benefit the most
  • Develop a small list of prospects – so when I do place the course on the market, these folks you have “dibs” – a nice discounted price.

The initial bid is 7.97 – I’m offering free shipping, and 10% of the sale goes to a foundation that helps kids with terminal diseases.

Expand Your Income – Ebay Auction

Check it out.


P.S –  The auction will last 5 more days. You can get the course right now, in eBook format (instead of CD). Send an email to leosaraceni[at]yourincomepotential.com and I’ll contact you with instructions.

Seth Godin, Cow Manure, Funded Proposals & Network Marketing

How Can You Profit From The Droppings of Your Cash Cow?
How Can You Profit From The Droppings of Your Cash Cow?

You know how inspiration comes from the weirdest places?

Today, my muse came from a small cow pasture. I live in such a small town (Manteo, NC) that I get to drive by that small pasture every day, and trust me, I was never excited about it.

As I drove by, I noticed a gentleman shoveling the manure into these huge bags, and it took me an instant to realize what was his purpose – I’m no farmer, and know nothing about gardening.

Finally, it struck me: he was collecting manure to sell as fertilizer! Darn if I’m not a city boy – 😉

Even though my gardening skills are none, my business mind started working immediately. That farmer was about to turn a profit out of (pardon my French) CRAP! Of course, his business was not devoted to selling fertilizer, he sells milk and delicious homemade cheeses in the local farmers’ market. Nonetheless, he’d found an alternative source of income from excrements!

I believe until I noticed that I had never fully understood why Seth Godin developed the Cash Cow concept, but it made complete sense: cheese, milk, meat (ugh!), leather (blehh!)*, even the cow’s poop is profitable.

To make the transition to network marketing, relate the manure alternative income to what a Funded Proposal offer is: it’s a secondary income stream derived from your main Cash Cow. It originates from your primary business, it is an important source of income, but it should not require much of your attention. Like any real source of income, a funded proposal works passively, in the background.

Let’s keep the manure analogy going: whether the farmer profits from the manure, the droppings will naturally happen; this is exactly how any funded proposal offer works. Examine the entire operation:

In network marketing, visitors arrive at your website and are presented with the opportunity to join you in your enterprise – that is your Cash Cow. Since we all know the sponsoring process takes more than just a single visit to your website, while you’re building trust and credibility with your prospects, there are certain areas where a funded proposal comes in handy, and most importantly – highly beneficial to your prospects.

The most effective way to present any offer lies within your regular Cash Cow operations:

  • a test-drive of your opportunity: a how-to guide, an initial procedures document – a “taste”
  • bonus training: “before you start, you can learn a lot from this course” – either yours or somebody else’s – that’s when subtle affiliate promotions work best
  • a step above: advanced training, recommended readings, Joint-Ventures, cross-marketing – a “plus” to boost your prospects business.

Now, with or without manure, DON’T OFFER CRAP! The consequences of offering too much, or pushing a low-grade product, involve losing your prospect! You might even make a $20 or $30 commission, but is that really worth losing your prospect?

* I’m a vegetarian, by the way.

Amazon vs PPC – How Amazon Killed Affiliate Marketing!

No More PPC For Amazon Affiliates
No More PPC For Amazon Affiliates

It’s official now: Amazon will not pay commissions on purchases originated from paid search traffic anymore.

From the message sent from Amazon Associates:

After careful review of how we are investing our advertising resources, we have made the decision to no longer pay referral fees to Associates who send users to www.amazon.com, www.amazon.ca, or www.endless.com through keyword bidding and other paid search on Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other search engines, and their extended search networks.

This decision comes in at a time when Google is fighting direct linking (ads that link straight to a company website), suspending affiliate advertisers’ accounts and restricting entire industries from their Adwords program.

What is surprising in regards to Amazon’s decision is the fact that paid search traffic was benefitial to ALL parts involved:

  • the searcher, for finding exactly what they wanted;
  • Amazon, for the “free” customer, and
  • Google, for the Adwords revenue.

Amazon does not offer any decent explanation (from their FAQ):

Q: Why is Amazon no longer paying referral fees to paid search Associates?
A: This decision is based on our review of how we invest our advertising resources.

The way I see it, by transferring the onus of marketing to Amazon Associates, Amazon is actually SAVING advertising resources. More than often, Marketing costs for corporations such as Amazon add up to more than the 15-20% commission paid to Associates.

With the Associates program, Amazon was able to cut advertising costs, reduce their cost of sales, and increase their conversions, since referral traffic is the most targeted traffic one can ask for.

And the whole mess goes even deeper:

Q: Does this affect paid search Associates who send users to Amazon’s European and Japanese websites?
A: This change applies only to the Associates Programs in North America. If you are conducting paid search activities in connection with one of Amazon’s Associates Programs outside of the US and Canada, please refer to the applicable country’s Associates Program Operating Agreement for relevant terms and conditions.

The decision is ONLY effective to North America!

Basically, if I go into my Adwords account and change my destination URLs and campaign locations to Japan, everything is just fine. Hypocrisy?


P.S – From now on, I’ll buy my books from Half.com

F!#K Amazon!
F!#K Amazon!

MLM Frustration – What It Really Takes to Run A Home Business

Don't expect "Microwave" results on your MLM
Don't expect "Microwave" results on your MLM

With the economy going downhill, many soon-to-be entrepreneurs are considering starting a home based business. Taking responsibility for their financial situations, home entrepreneurs can start their operations with a small financial investment, but is money all it takes to succeed?

Allocating a decent capital for your home business is highly recommended, and many times overlooked.

Your business will have a period where you’ll be working to cover your investment, and the time it takes for you to break even can vary. Any regular brick and mortar business owner understands this “recovering” period, but several home entrepreneurs fail to notice this simple concept.

Establishing your brand – online or offline – is an ongoing strategy, and accepting this will release home business owners of becoming frustrated for not achieving millionaire status within 3 months. The root of this frustation, of course, comes from the hype that so-called “gurus” utilize to get prospects hypnotized: “in 3 months, I made $99,999.97, and you can too!”

Statements such as the one above may very well be true, but how long did it for that “guru” to learn exactly what he/she needed to do in order to make that much money in 3 months? Their learning curve may have been even longer than a newcomer’s starting today.

Advising extreme caution when researching for a home business is a wise move, however, there’s another aspect of your business adventure that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible: how long are you willing to go without a profit in order to get you business going?

The average recovery time for a Burger King franchise is 2.5 years; for a H&R block franchise, 1.3 years. In a home based business, depending on your initial investment, 2 sales can actually place you in the profit zone, but how long will it take you to get there?

Consider your familiarity with e-commerce – are you comfortable generating traffic to your website?

Do you know where to post ads, how to create websites, and most importantly – do you know how to create customers?

Educating yourself is part of your personal development, and only a serious evaluation of how much of your time will you be able to dedicate can determine what your recovery time will be.

Patience is essential. Confidence, and determination, fundamental.

Prepare your family, your friends, to this new enterprise; let them know this might take much of your free time, initially, and how wonderful the long-term benefits of a profitable home business will be.

Patrick Combs & Personal Development – Aligning Passion & Business

Patrick Combs, Co-Founder of LifePath Unlimited
Patrick Combs, Co-Founder of LifePath Unlimited

I had never heard of Patrick Combs until early September of last year. I had not been introduced to personal development concepts, and all I knew about business is that I needed one.

I had made the decision to get out of my two dead-end jobs, and was planning to start an importing business. After long market research, hours and money invested in finding the right vendors and initiating negotiations, customs bureaucracy sent my business down the pipes.

At that time, I felt embarrassed for losing a good chunk of my savings and for not accomplishing the goals I had set for myself. When the embarrassment joined the frustration of being stuck in a futureless job, I encountered a lot of resistance trying to push myself forward.

During a purposeless search for motivational exercises (I tried many), I fell into a video called “Awakening”; Patrick Combs was speaking straight to me, explaining how my universal potential is unlimited, and how I can accomplish anything with the correct mindset. It was just a one-minute trailer, but that Awakening resonated with me.

I searched for Patrick Combs, and discovered he’s a famous best-selling author and motivational speaker. But what really surprised me was that he had co-founded a growing Personal Development company, based on the principles I learned on the Awakening movie.

Patrick’s company, LifePath Unlimited, had chosen to market its products through a direct-sales franchise, and it was looking for representatives at that moment. Talk about Law of Attraction – I felt like the entire company was specifically designed to fit my needs!

Before I became a LifePath Unlimited representative, I decided to watch the entire Awakening movie (50min) – but never got to finish. I bought my franchise at that moment, without actually speaking to anybody; I just knew that I could not miss that opportunity.

Fast-forward to my second month as a LifePath franchise owner: Motivation again slipping through my fingers, and still at the same-old job. I just seemed to fail to connect with others like me, entrepreneurs looking for a more fulfilling life, both personal and financial.

It was when I went back to some of Patrick’s teachings, reading and watching the material available for LPU franchise owners, that I recognized I was losing my passion, and my business was taking the hit. Patrick mentioned how a life guided by passion will fulfill my purpose, and attract the success I deserved.

Now, I’m a passionate business owner, proud of having taken that decision back in September. I’m about to meet Patrick Combs at the end of this month, and I enjoy seeing my business (and myself) grow constantly.

One thing I learned to live by: passion and purpose will make you a life way beyond “making a living”!

Network Marketing Startup Research: Is Top Tier Direct Sales For You?

Network Marketing Startup
Network Marketing Startup - Top Tier Direct Sales

Network marketing startup basically means prospecting several different multi-level marketing opportunities, what is usually referred to as home business opportunities, in regards to the possibility of running your entire business operation from home.

A successful network marketing startup must include top tier direct sales companies during the research. Top Tier Direct Sales is a term relatively new, and it classifies premium network marketing companies that have chosen to promote their products utilizing affiliate representatives. A Direct Sales strategy does not require the affiliate to keep any inventory, be liable for the products, or be in charge of shipping/handling.

Direct Sales representatives are solely in charge of marketing. For that, most companies will usually pay a 60% commission on every sale, which is by far the most lucrative payout for any network marketing startup.

Top Tier Direct Sales Vs. Old-School MLM

Unlike old-school MLM, Direct Sales does not require “pass-up” sales, which means representatives generate revenue from the very first sale. That’s where Top Tier comes into place: Direct Sales companies focus on premium products, and prize the quality of their representatives, rather than the quantity. This means that a Top Tier Direct Sales company startup will range from $2000 – $9000, which is much more than any regular MLM.

The most important part of the “Tier” system is the residual income generated with the sales: to focus only on the most qualified representatives, top tier direct sales companies will offer MLM-style multiple levels of compensation for their top products. This hybrid system fills many gaps of old-school multi-level –marketing compensation plans, because:

  • Direct sales representatives generate revenue from the very first sale on the entry level product (which usually costs $1500 – $1800, with a commission of $1000)
  • Residual income is massive, but only for those willing to invest more seriously in their Top Tier Franchises (2nd and 3rd tier products start at $8500 and $14500, respectively, with $5000 and $9000 commissions per sale)
  • By focusing on the quality of its members, and offering massive commissions, top tier direct sales eliminate the need for extensive “downlines” – a handful of active representatives will produce $10,000 monthly with only two 2nd tier qualifying sales.

Network Marketing Startup – Initial Investment Decision

Is Top Tier Direct Sales right for you?
Is Top Tier Direct Sales right for you?

When prospecting for a network marketing startup, your options are extensive: from Avon, Amway, and Herbalife, you get a more recognizable brand name (whether this is good or bad is relative), and a fairly low initial investment, but commissions only add up to $3-$10 per sale, and residual income is only achievable with over 200 members in your personal organization.

If you’re serious about starting a solid network marketing business, that will last longer than any recession, your research needs to focus on top tier direct sales.

However, a higher initial investment means higher commitment, and most people will never commit to their own business. As soon as the economy “gets a little better” or they get more hours on their paychecks, they drop their network marketing startup.

No matter what your decision is, take action! The alternative will cost more than any direct sales or mlm ever will.

Free Online Marketing Training – Create Your Own Plan-B System!

Well folks, it’s finally here.

It only took 5 and 1/2 months, but I’m finally proud of my piece of online real state (or online state?).

As a thank you gift, and a sort of “launch”, Your Income Potential will host my Free 7-Day Expand Your Income Potential training, which will outline exactly how to create your own marketing system.

In the next 7-Days (if iContact cooperates), I’ll be guiding fellow entrepreneurs through:

Where to invest your time:

  • The most effective FREE advertisement platforms, where your time investment won’t go to waste – forget about wasting hours on Traffic Exchange or unknown classifieds;
  • How to use Squidoo and HUB Pages to not only promote your personal brand, but to increase your ranking on Search Engines such as Google and Yahoo;
  • Discover the powerful impact Forums and Online Communities have on your traffic and how they can raise your brand to an online “celebrity” status

Effective Budget Advertisement

  • Exactly how to use Pay-Per-Click advertisement to obtain maximum results paying the lowest possible Cost-Per-Click – simple keyword generation techniques that will cut your costs in half!
  • How to BUY access to huge lists of TARGETED customers (we’re talking 3000, 5000, even 20000 customers) paying a small YEARLY fee
  • The ultimate FUNDED PROPOSAL strategy, explained step-by-step, from choosing your “bribe” to when, how, and where to offer it to your prospects

Leveraging Your personal brand

  • Social Media, Social Media, Social Media: down-to-earth approach of how to use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and others to expand your brand awareness and ignite your networking contacts
  • Fail-proof approach to include the power of BLOGS to your marketing, including all the myths behind WordPress (how to install it, use it, and love it!), content-creation and publicity
  • Become an online celebrity by building a community of followers behind your brand, that will eat your products up!

Act Now

Register IMMEDIATELY in your 7-Day Expand Your Income training and learn exactly how to run a successful home business.

My Immediate Goal Is…
We Absolutely Hate Spam. We’ll Never Sell or Trade Your Data
This opportunity is not for everybody; only serious entrepreneurs qualify.

Effective Relationship Building through Social Media

Social Networking - Relationship BuildingLittered with poking, silly games, and mountains of applications, you might think Facebook is just for kids. A year or two ago, you would have been right since majority of users were high school and college students. However, for the past six months, the group of users age 35-54 years has been experiencing explosive growth. In fact, these users posted an impressive 276% growth rate for the last half of 2008 – the equivalent of almost doubling every two months. So how can you capitalize on this? We have a few tips to make the most of social media, such as Facebook, for the purpose of relationship building.

Do your homework. Facebook is an environment that oversteps the boundaries between personal and business lives. It is a place where you can piece together your colleagues’ personality. That said, do some research! Find out your prospective business connection’s interests and preferences.

Make meaningful connections. Quality always beats quantity. Compare social media to a big party. You make connections because you are fun and interesting to interact with. If your connections ever become business colleagues, that is wonderful but it should never be your primary motive. Above all, you want to create meaningful relationships!

Use your toolset. You do not have to install dozens of fancy applications to make an impact. By default, your Facebook account has a number of basic tools you can use to help others get to know you. Write notes, post photos and links, and make an impression. You have to participate in social media for other users to interact with you and develop a connection.

Toss the agenda. Avoid trying to market yourself immediately. You want others to see you as a person. Just posting links to your blog and sending messages with clearly ulterior motives will alienate others irreversibly! Focus on being real and developing connections.

Maintain. This may seem like common sense but its often forgotten. Once you create a connection, you need to maintain it. That is, keep in touch even if lightly. Check up occasionally and see what is new. Read notes and statuses, exchange information, and help others out whenever possible.

If the overall message is not clear already, social media is about quality relationship building. Facebook is an endless supply of interesting people in both social and business aspects. If carefully cultivated, your relationships may develop into wonderful prospects for your future. Perhaps you know a guy who knows a guy? Use your connection and ask for an introduction! Maybe you have found the perfect business partner. Take a leap and make the most out of Facebook.