Honest Copywriting – I am Converted!

honest copywriting is fundamental
honest copywriting is fundamental

This is something¬† I came across, and if I weren’t educated on the law of attraction, I would consider a coincidence:

Well, first of all, I believe that if I want my words to sell a product,
that product should be strong enough to do so without tricking the buyer. I
know that if I trick someone, I may make a sale — but I’ve lost a customer
for life! Whereas if I show the merits, back up my claims, and focus on the
way this product solves a problem, eases a hurt or fear, or satisfies a
need, I will build that lifetime relationship.

Oh, and one more thing. I like to look in the mirror and see someone who is
doing good for the world — and I don’t think lies and trickery will
accomplish that. I happen to have a gift for writing, and I use that gift to
make the world better. That includes being honest with myself and with my

This quote, from Shel Horowitz, touches a very personal aspect for me – I have lied way too many times, not just on my copywriting. Because I always considered myself smart enough to control the outcome of any lie, I never actually bothered to prevent it.

As long as I can defuse the bomb, why would I not plant the bomb there in the first place?

Well, the bomb went off and it affected more than just me.

I learned a valuable lesson, and the consequences are taking rapid control of my actions:

My Your Income Potential project has been changed, and it does not have any more “hyped” statements – it does not mention WEALTH, or MONEY, or RICH. It does not mention my finances or what I can do for yours.

What it does say is how much value I have to offer to serious business partners, and how much I dedicate myself to empowering other entrepreneurs in their journey.

And that is how I will address all copywriting – honestly.

I invite you to join me.

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