I Made Up with AdWords… And My Free SEO findings! Part 1

I’d like to apologize to AdWords. I blamed Google for my temporary frustration and ignorance, and I should be ashamed of myself.

What made me change my mind (and my campaigns), was this amazing FREE Adwords Optimization Seminar I found on YouTube.

Here you can see part 1, and it covers campaign structure, subdivisions, and general keyword selections. It just opened my eyes to how WRONG my campaign was!

With this seminar, I was able to recognize my online campaign is actually made of 5 or 6 different groups, or targets: entrepreneurs, business owners, part-time income, etc… And now I have all of those campaigns set up differently, receiving clicks towards my Life Path Unlimited and Magnetic Sponsoring sites. It is really incredible!

Part 2 coming soon!

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  1. Adwords is really good in driving traffic to your website. however, they are very strict right now and they would not easily approve websites that they thought have low quality content. .`

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