In the end of the day, does work suck all of your creativity?

Is there an end to creativity?
Is there an end to creativity?

I guess that’s my latest excuse for not posting to this blog anymore.

If you dont know yet, I’m currently managing (read completely running) 3 blogs for my clients. And I’m trying to update them all daily.

Guess what…

By the time I finish writing about wedding catering in the Outer Banks, fitness in the outer banks, and cute halloween costumes for toddlers, I’m a bit drained out.

Add to those posts at least 30 min of research, the occasional picture editing (cropping, resizing, etc..), and the link-digging (you know, from previous blog posts, to increase blog traffic) – I’ve got at least 3 hours of work.

And no, I will NOT pull other people’s RSS and feed my blogs with their content. I find that despicable.

But maybe I do have things to write about – I’d love to write a huge post on the new web metrics project I’m running for an outer banks builder page. I have that in the back of my mind since I started it, because I’m really fired up about the stuff I read from The Occam’s Razor.

Maybe I just have to suck it up and keep writing.

I could use some encouragement, though – how about a comment? Come on, comment!

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