Why I Chose To Launch My Course on Ebay

The Expand Your Income Training is available on Ebay
The Expand Your Income Training is available on Ebay

Recently, I’ve merged 3 years of marketing experience, and well over $5000 in my very first training course.

The course contains my most effective marketing strategies,and a concept I’ve been developing for the past year called Marketing Integration.

Integration happens when all campaigns, no matter in which media platform, reflect an uniform message. Essentially, to use an old-school line of thought, it’s like using the same ad for TV, Radio, and Printed medias, except the medias discussed on the course are online platforms, such as Adwords, Squidoo, and List-builders.

Ebay, in this initial phase of launch, offered me the opportunity to crash test many aspects of the course:

  • My ability to write a compelling sales letter (the product description is where I’m practicing)
  • Have a sense of who exactly is my target market – by opening auctions in different categories, I’m able to determine specifics of who the course will benefit the most
  • Develop a small list of prospects – so when I do place the course on the market, these folks you have “dibs” – a nice discounted price.

The initial bid is 7.97 – I’m offering free shipping, and 10% of the sale goes to a foundation that helps kids with terminal diseases.

Expand Your Income – Ebay Auction

Check it out.


P.S –  The auction will last 5 more days. You can get the course right now, in eBook format (instead of CD). Send an email to leosaraceni[at]yourincomepotential.com and I’ll contact you with instructions.

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