Build A Big Email List Without Going Broke (Or Spamming)

Having An Active Email List Makes Things Easier (not to beat them up)
Having An Active Email List Makes Things Easier (not to beat them up)

“The Money Is In The List”

Yeah, yeah… but how do you get a list?

Well, first of all, you dont “get” a list – I’ve tried, and it DOES NOT work.

If you buy a list, and decide to start emailing them offers, you will get a bunch of spam complaints and your account will be shut off.

So we BUILD a list – which is also not easy at all. Well, kinda…

If you’re running PPC, you should ALWAYS direct traffic to a squeeze page. That’s a given. If you’re using the viralurl software, the same concept applies.

“But I think direct-linking is much easier” – EHHHHHHHHH WRONG!

With direct linking, you get much more people to see the offer, but they’re not ready for it yet – except for your ad, they really have no idea what to expect. And those that do buy your stuff, wont leave their info so you can email them later to buy more stuff.

So always have a squeeze page somewhere. It doesnt have to be a plain old page like Eben Pagan originally came up with, but it could be a blog, or even a squidoo – as long as you can capture their data.

Here’s where it gets tricky. Even though you have tons of email fields everywhere, people are just not signing up!

Warm Them Up

Again, if people are not driven to take action, they wont. If you expect it to happen just because, it wont.

Not only that, but email has been so beat up that people go extra lengths to protect it, which forces you to be EXTRA good.

Solution? OFFER YOUR BEST! Yes, give them so much info, or such a good bonus, that they just have to sign up.

It’s that simple.

I may be talking out of my arse, one would say… but this guy is definitely not.

He built a 200,000 emails list and continuously make $300-400k out of it.

Forget what I said and go see what he’s saying.

Is ViralUrl Really Effective? Yes, Here’s How

ViralUrl email marketing is more than a lottery
ViralUrl email marketing is more than a lottery

Yesterday, I posted about how to get your ViralUrl email open, so today, I’m going to talk a little about how effective their email marketing software is and what you can to do explore it.

So when you have a ViralUrl gold account, you’re allowed to email 3000 other members randomly, every 3 days.

As I mentioned before, because of neon-marketers and the volume of emails sent daily, a lot of internet providers will bounce your messages before they even show up in their inbox.

So out of 3000 you may get 900-1200 emails delivered. It’s still a decent number.

What I’ve experienced since February, when I got my account, is that around 80-120 people actually open a ViralUrl email. Out of those, around 30-60 will click on your link – depending on how good your copy is and how reliable your link looks like.

It’s beyond this post to explain good copywriting, but you know how valuable it its. What I want to talk about is making your links look reliable. I’m going to show you how to transform your weird affiliate links like this one:

into something much more sexy like this one:

1. Log Into your Cpanel

2. Click on Redirects

3. Choose PERMANENT 301

5. Choose any domain (that does not have WordPress installed)

6. Pick an extension (/something – relevant to the product)

7. Add your affiliate link to the box that says “redirects to”

And that’s it!

The best part about it is that if you have a domain that is closely related to the product, the link looks way more professional and clickthrough averages go really high.

If you want to try it out, go sign up for a ViralUrl account now.

Any questions or concerns, post your comments here and I’ll get to them asap.

See ya soon!