This Is What Falling 20+ft Does… And Why You Should Do The Same!

I jumped off of a bridge today.

Heck YEAH!

A 6-meter (22ft) fall straight into the Roanoake Island waters!

To the astonishment of a suddenly-quiet wife, and the curious audience of a nearby waterfront restaurant, I jumped.

Roanoke Island Bridge, Manteo NC
Roanoke Island Bridge, Manteo NC

Completely unplanned, coming back from an afternoon stroller ride, I took off my shirt, and despite wearing white cotton shorts, IT FELT GREAT!

I had written before about facing challenges with confidence, but this is something new.

Adrenaline Rush & Internet Marketing?

To be honest, I hadn’t experienced anything this exciting since my son was born, and his birth still was more of a mental rush than straight up adrenaline.

It’s not like sitting on the computer trying to get people to buy my stuff isn’t fun. Trust me, it’s a LOT of fun.

But routine kills people. Daily repetition is what drives Post Office employees nuts.

Routine is so bad that makes you come online every evening trying to find a way out of it.

Non-Linear Pattern (NLP)

I first heard about NLP from Frank Kern, and I’ve been reading about it ever since. NLP, in regards to customer behavior, means shocking a customer out of his/hers expected pattern of action in order to increase conversions.

A good example of this in internet marketing is the recent utilization of video sales letters, which are customary on TV (infomercials), but relatively new in our favorite media.

But what has NLP to do with me jumping off of a bridge?

Well, screwing the “routine” is a major shock to anybody’s expected  behavior, and it gives you opportunities:

  • The sudden pattern break “resets” your brain, which has to scramble to catch up with the new situation. This is a major opportunity to see things from a new perspective, or to come up with new ideas.
  • When there’s adrenaline involved, the hormonal discharge makes you feel like Superman; increased confidence leads to bold moves, which often result in … greater rewards.
  • It’s just as good as a break – but with a complete shift in mindset.

How do you plan on Breaking the Pattern?

Whether jumping off of a bridge or offering your customers a revolutionary experience, what are your plans to break the routine?

Post your comments, and be sure to specify if indeed it RESETTED your brain…!

How To Generate Paying Leads – Not Just Curious People

Position yourself at the bottom of the funnel for instant results
Position yourself at the bottom of the funnel for instant results

One of the most frustrating aspects of running an online business is generating good quality, paying leads. With the overflow of information that most prospects are facing, they research for free information, and free information only.

So how can you find leads that are ready to buy from you?

The best way to start attracting paying leads is to stop focusing on “generic searchers” – avoid focusing your website on “canon cameras”, and instead, focus on “deals on canon cameras”, “buy canon cameras”, or “canon cameras free shipping”.

Focusing on specific searches brings customers that have passed the decision making process and are ready to buy. This approach is by far the most effective way to generate paying leads, and even though you may not get as much traffic, you will experience a much more effective conversion rate.

Another powerful approach to generating paying leads, instead of “freebies”, is to design your marketing to be ULTRA specific, for example:

Massive market: digital cameras > Generic Market: Canon cameras > Specific Market: Canon powershot cameras > Ultra specific market: canon EOS SLR

As you move further into the buying process for any market, you’ll find less curious prospects and more actual buyers. Those are the ones you want to target for instant results. When positioned at the bottom of the sales funnel, you’ll get less leads, but those will be effective, decidedly paying leads.

Now, one thing has to be stated here, and that is there are no markets too small. A student of Frank Kern reportedly made millions selling piano lessons infoproducts. Can you imagine how small the percentage of piano students looking for an ebook is?

To really get this message across, picture a customer walking into a store with his credit card in hand. Now, imagine you were able to plant a detour sign with a big bright arrow pointing towards your own store. Would that drive buyers into your store?

Of course, this is a rather drastic and unethical approach, but you get the picture. To generate paying leads, make sure you offer exactly what they’re looking for, and leave no room for “but..” Give them exactly what they want, and you found yourself a buyer.

Finally a Real Marketing System/Plan/Blueprint

One of my goals for 2009 is to start a new brand, and implement an automated marketing system that would make Mike Dillard and Jay Kubassek ask me for advice.

The first drawing of my marketing system was made about 3 days ago, and while I was rounding up feedback from experienced marketers that I trust, some additions were made. This is not – by far – the ultimate plan, but I wanted to open the debate to other networkers, as I have never seen any marketing expert publicize their plans.

2009 Marketing System
2009 Marketing System

So, my Social Media participation is on the top – it is the beginning of my customer experience cycle Continue reading Finally a Real Marketing System/Plan/Blueprint