Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in Passaic, NJ – Tuesday, 10/30


Last night was definitely rough. Really strong winds made us feel like the windows were ready to burst at any point, and we could hear a lot of noise from nearby car/roof damages. The aftermath shows a ton of downed trees around the neighborhood, and several areas are out of power. Check out my Tracking Hurricane Sandy post for more details.

Our building suffered some minor damage – as you can see above, the swimming pool fence is mostly gone. The parking lot has a lot of debris, and several signs are missing. A big tree fell very close to the garage, but luckily it doesnt seem to have damaged anything.

Full Aftermath Album

Power Outages

Our offices in Hillside are out of power, and so is most of the neighborhood – Clifton, Passaic, Rutherford and Lyndhurst have non-working traffic lights, and there are barely any businesses open. At this point, I’d say the biggest danger is driving around with barely any traffic lights working.

Luckily, it seems the worst is over. We’ve eaten way too much banana cake, and are ready to step out of the house a bit.

Now it’s on to recovery and clean up.