How To Increase Your Productivity: Get A Life!

I find productive to get my arse kicked
I find productive to get my arse kicked

It’s really darn easy to get caught up in the money chase and forget about everything else, but you may find that it’s everything else makes the money chase worth it.

If your mind is occupied 12-15hours of the day with money worries, and you’re constantly thinking how can I make more? You just might be digging your own broke hole.

Exactly what is the point of making any money without a reason to spend it?

Yeah, of course there are always more cars, new houses, and fancy gadgets, but are you ever going to really enjoy it if you’re stuck working?

On my last post I touched on the benefits on non linear patterns when it comes to “rebooting” our brains, giving everything a fresh new start.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been dedicating myself (again) to exercise. I made the commitment to at least twice a week, stop everything, shut off the cell phone, and go get my arse kicked at the gym.

Despite my passion for jiu jitsu, I had completely quit going a year ago to dedicate myself to making money. In my head, I’d start making a lot of money, and then I’d find the time to go fight.

It doesnt work that way – not in the least.

After I shut myself off for about a month, I started noticing my eating habits reached an all-time low, I was cranky, snappy, and was annoying even myself.

It is quite easy to identify that now, but it wasnt back then.

And it wasnt just the gym: I shut off social activities, cut off on family time, and the only people I spoke to were online friends and partners, also in the money chase.

The Productivity Dilemma: Should I Focus On Money Or Sanity?

This post goes against everything I learned from studying personal development, and from watching how millionaires are created; maintaining “laser-beam” focus, keeping your goals fresh in your mind, and using affirmations and meditation to clear your head is how they taught me success would come.

Maybe I Haven’t Found My “Laser-Beam” Focus…

With the constant reevaluation of my goal, the obsession with achieving certain milestones, and the urgency to win I had created for myself a pool of stress.

And I’m not a Yoga Master to meditate my way out of it.

So I got other people to beat that stress out of me. I went back to the gym.

And I let friends take me out for a beer. I scheduled family time away from the computer and the cell phone.

Am I done with my money-chase? HECK NO!

Am I less stressful? More creative? More energetic?