Yeap, MLM Traffic Formula 2.0 Is Another Mike Dillard’s Home Run!

Is Traffic Formula 2 Mike Dillards Bible?
Is Traffic Formula 2 Mike Dillard's Bible?

After 3 years of launching the original MLM Traffic Formula manuscript, which has become major part of many successful marketers’ libraries, Mike Dillard is now launching an updated version of the formula.

Sure, the first TF is still relevant, as it covers fundamental online marketing practices and platforms, but, according to Mike himself, there are issues that have grown too much to ignore:

  1. Increasing competition
  2. Increasing amount of free information available
  3. Decreased internet users’ attention span
  4. Decreased customer retention

So How Is MLM Traffic Formula 2.0 Going To Address These Issues?

On a recent email, Mike Dillard explained how TF 2.0 will be delivered:

Traffic Formula 2 is not a physical product.
When it goes on sale this Wednesday, we’ll be selling tickets to the “Beta Release” which will allow you and your customers to attend all of the live training calls and webinars we’ll be holding over the coming weeks and months as they happen.
This will allow us to make sure we cover everything you’d like to see in the course.
Eventually, the final version will be put into a binder just like “TF1”, and the price will increase substantially.
This is exactly how Traffic Formula 1 was developed. People were allowed to purchase a ticket to all of the training calls and attend them live.

From Mike’s email, and given his new take on Social Media, the crew will base the entire Traffic Formula 2.0 in what we as marketers would like to learn.

Your Input Is Important – Traffic Formula 2.0 will be Interactive!

About 2 days ago, Mike Dillard mailed an online survey to his list, prompting his 120,000 members to reveal their knowledge level, experience, and biggest difficulties.

The results of this survey remain yet to be seen, but I bet Traffic Formula 2.0 will hit the nail in the head, once all the answers are revealed.

This is undoubtely a bold, genious move by Dillard – he’s basically asking his customers:

Tell me what you want to know, I’ll answer it, and then sell it back to you for a decent price…

With his knowledge, and the support of team members like Justin Christianson, Craig Allen, Ben Settle, Jim Yaghi, and others, Mike’s definitely got the knowledge to back that promise.

The Traffic Formula 2.0 Freebies + Leo’s Awesome Bonus

Following the amazing success of Eben Pagan’s latest launch, Mike released a 36-minute “online dvd”, which has already received over 11500 views in less than 48 hours.

Because the video – and TF 2.0 – are so jam-packed with advanced marketing concepts, I’ve uploaded an entire blog designed to clarify details of the traffic formula 2 launch.

And the cool thing I’ve got stashed in there is MY PERSONAL BONUS: The first 50 people to get traffic formula 2.0 through my link get PERSONAL COACHING!

This way, if you’re unsure how to digest all the information TF’s got, or you’re not quite sure how to implement it, you’ll have myself there to assist you in your major obstacles.

So go check out and sign up quick to ensure your free personal coaching.