Free Online Marketing Training – Create Your Own Plan-B System!

Well folks, it’s finally here.

It only took 5 and 1/2 months, but I’m finally proud of my piece of online real state (or online state?).

As a thank you gift, and a sort of “launch”, Your Income Potential will host my Free 7-Day Expand Your Income Potential training, which will outline exactly how to create your own marketing system.

In the next 7-Days (if iContact cooperates), I’ll be guiding fellow entrepreneurs through:

Where to invest your time:

  • The most effective FREE advertisement platforms, where your time investment won’t go to waste – forget about wasting hours on Traffic Exchange or unknown classifieds;
  • How to use Squidoo and HUB Pages to not only promote your personal brand, but to increase your ranking on Search Engines such as Google and Yahoo;
  • Discover the powerful impact Forums and Online Communities have on your traffic and how they can raise your brand to an online “celebrity” status

Effective Budget Advertisement

  • Exactly how to use Pay-Per-Click advertisement to obtain maximum results paying the lowest possible Cost-Per-Click – simple keyword generation techniques that will cut your costs in half!
  • How to BUY access to huge lists of TARGETED customers (we’re talking 3000, 5000, even 20000 customers) paying a small YEARLY fee
  • The ultimate FUNDED PROPOSAL strategy, explained step-by-step, from choosing your “bribe” to when, how, and where to offer it to your prospects

Leveraging Your personal brand

  • Social Media, Social Media, Social Media: down-to-earth approach of how to use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and others to expand your brand awareness and ignite your networking contacts
  • Fail-proof approach to include the power of BLOGS to your marketing, including all the myths behind WordPress (how to install it, use it, and love it!), content-creation and publicity
  • Become an online celebrity by building a community of followers behind your brand, that will eat your products up!

Act Now

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My Immediate Goal Is…
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Finally a Real Marketing System/Plan/Blueprint

One of my goals for 2009 is to start a new brand, and implement an automated marketing system that would make Mike Dillard and Jay Kubassek ask me for advice.

The first drawing of my marketing system was made about 3 days ago, and while I was rounding up feedback from experienced marketers that I trust, some additions were made. This is not – by far – the ultimate plan, but I wanted to open the debate to other networkers, as I have never seen any marketing expert publicize their plans.

2009 Marketing System
2009 Marketing System

So, my Social Media participation is on the top – it is the beginning of my customer experience cycle Continue reading Finally a Real Marketing System/Plan/Blueprint