My Cashflow With The Magnetic Sponsoring Affiliate Program

I know plenty of celebrity marketers out there that make a full-time income marketing inexpensive products, and that is really neat, but how about an average marketer?

Well, even though I’m no average marketer in any way, I decided to share the full details of my favorite funded proposal system:

It’s all available here, at the magnetic sponsoring affiliate program review.

Nurturing secondary income streams is nothing but old news when it comes to online marketing, but a high-quality system like Mike Dillard’s works much better:

As Mike and the MS crew keep churning new products at least twice a year, they continue to stir all of the leads I generated for the system, and very often these prospects buy a second, or third product from the MS product mix.

What that means is that the MS affiliate program works passively, and there are cashflow opportunities even when not promoting the system actively. It can not get anymore auto-pilot than this.

So go ahead and go check out my review of the magnetic sponsoring affiliate program.

quick hint: $8.00/lead sounds good?

The Traffic Formula 2.0 Dream Team – Are You One?

Ever imagined Mike Dillard, Ferny Ceballos, Mike Klinger, Raymond Fong, Mark Wieser, Jim Yaghi and Tim Erway together in your living room?

Well, that’s what Traffic Formula 2.0 will do.

Each in their area of expertise, these masters will be working constantly to take your business beyond the
next level.

I wasn’t even in the industry when the first Traffic Formula came out, but I know first hand how it changed a couple of
people’s business:

Jim Yaghi started his PPC adventures after reading the original TF, and now he produces an AVERAGE of 600 leads a day.

Ferny and Ray were just two more engineers, with lots of student debt to pay (MIT is not cheap..). Last year, they hosted the Traffic Formula Live event ($1000 per ticket!), sharing the stage with Mike Dillard.

And that was only three years ago.

You know how there are turning points in one’s carreer?

The amplitude of this education will open many, many doors for you, and undoubtly spark a million new ideas to
increase your success at least tenfold.

So, if you’re undecided about spending $267 to receive these masters in your house, consider what this investment would mean to you 1 year, or even 6 months from now…

You can get Traffic Formula 2.0 here:

And maybe we can both be a part of the 3.0 edition, huh?

To remarkable turning points,

Leo Saraceni
office: 252-202-6190

P.S – I have limited spots left to schedule personal consultations. If you bought TF with me, reply to this post with your info and  I’ll personally contact you. Or just email me at leosaraceni[at]

If haven’t gotten this gigantic amount of marketing knowledge yet, do it so now and I will work with you 1-on-1 to assist in digesting it all.

Early Bird Discount For Traffic Formula 2 + Leo’s Special Bonus!

The MLM Traffic Formula 2 Complete Package
The MLM Traffic Formula 2 Complete Package

Traffic Formula 2 Is Live

And my special bonus is still available. There are, so far, 12 slots available for personal coaching – and I’m sure they will go by fast.

Mike Dillard brought aboard an even heavier team of experts this time: Ferny Ceballos and Raymond Fong will cover the SEO training, Jim Yaghi has promised to release some special PPC strategies, and even Mike Klinger joined the Magnetic Sponsoring crew and will share some of his best content.

And the Early Bird discount is just unbelievable: $267 for the entire Traffic Formula!

To think that when it’s finished, it will go for $897, it’s a steal!

Go get yours now, enjoy the discount price, and set up an appointment to get your training with me.

Get traffic formula 2 with the discount

Yeap, MLM Traffic Formula 2.0 Is Another Mike Dillard’s Home Run!

Is Traffic Formula 2 Mike Dillards Bible?
Is Traffic Formula 2 Mike Dillard's Bible?

After 3 years of launching the original MLM Traffic Formula manuscript, which has become major part of many successful marketers’ libraries, Mike Dillard is now launching an updated version of the formula.

Sure, the first TF is still relevant, as it covers fundamental online marketing practices and platforms, but, according to Mike himself, there are issues that have grown too much to ignore:

  1. Increasing competition
  2. Increasing amount of free information available
  3. Decreased internet users’ attention span
  4. Decreased customer retention

So How Is MLM Traffic Formula 2.0 Going To Address These Issues?

On a recent email, Mike Dillard explained how TF 2.0 will be delivered:

Traffic Formula 2 is not a physical product.
When it goes on sale this Wednesday, we’ll be selling tickets to the “Beta Release” which will allow you and your customers to attend all of the live training calls and webinars we’ll be holding over the coming weeks and months as they happen.
This will allow us to make sure we cover everything you’d like to see in the course.
Eventually, the final version will be put into a binder just like “TF1”, and the price will increase substantially.
This is exactly how Traffic Formula 1 was developed. People were allowed to purchase a ticket to all of the training calls and attend them live.

From Mike’s email, and given his new take on Social Media, the crew will base the entire Traffic Formula 2.0 in what we as marketers would like to learn.

Your Input Is Important – Traffic Formula 2.0 will be Interactive!

About 2 days ago, Mike Dillard mailed an online survey to his list, prompting his 120,000 members to reveal their knowledge level, experience, and biggest difficulties.

The results of this survey remain yet to be seen, but I bet Traffic Formula 2.0 will hit the nail in the head, once all the answers are revealed.

This is undoubtely a bold, genious move by Dillard – he’s basically asking his customers:

Tell me what you want to know, I’ll answer it, and then sell it back to you for a decent price…

With his knowledge, and the support of team members like Justin Christianson, Craig Allen, Ben Settle, Jim Yaghi, and others, Mike’s definitely got the knowledge to back that promise.

The Traffic Formula 2.0 Freebies + Leo’s Awesome Bonus

Following the amazing success of Eben Pagan’s latest launch, Mike released a 36-minute “online dvd”, which has already received over 11500 views in less than 48 hours.

Because the video – and TF 2.0 – are so jam-packed with advanced marketing concepts, I’ve uploaded an entire blog designed to clarify details of the traffic formula 2 launch.

And the cool thing I’ve got stashed in there is MY PERSONAL BONUS: The first 50 people to get traffic formula 2.0 through my link get PERSONAL COACHING!

This way, if you’re unsure how to digest all the information TF’s got, or you’re not quite sure how to implement it, you’ll have myself there to assist you in your major obstacles.

So go check out and sign up quick to ensure your free personal coaching.

Ever Thought How Your Town Can Maximize PPC Results?

Cheap PPC with Local Target
Cheap PPC with Local Target

I’ve been running my local gym’s ppc campaign since February , and I’m proud to say the results are astonishing.

They have kept their leads steady throughout the winter – which is major accomplishment for any gym – and their new membership income has been at its highest compared to any other winter, despite the economy. (what economy, anyway?)

Now, this post does have a point other than bragging 😉 hold on.

Their campaign was the first time I ever used the targeted geographical location feature on Adwords, and to be quite honest, I didn’t know much about local ads when I started.

Before we go any further, let me just say that the gym is located in the Outer Banks of NC (practically an island), with very little permanent residents, being a summer vacation spot. The online community here is nonexistent, and the search traffic that originates from our area is minimal.

The Health/Wellness/Fitness/Workout Market….

If you’ve ever advertised anything in this market, you know how saturated (read expensive) pay-per-click campaigns are.

I knew that before I started, but I was determined to make it work by finding alternative keywords. In order to find them, I started with the generic keywords, such as “fitness”, “cardio workout”, and even “gym”. I expected a flood of impressions, but to my suprise, they never came.

After a full day of running the ads on both search and content networks, I had a total of 5o impressions. That’s how bad my area’s online usage is…

With results like this, I was immediately aware that alternative keywords would have ZERO effect, so I was forced to roll with big generic keywords.

I thought it would be temporary, after all, who the hell runs single keyword PPC campaigns anyway?

Well, I did. And still do.

How I am beating NATIONAL brands on Adwords paying less than a 1/4 of their CPCs

I hate to ruin the party, but I’ve uploaded a new page to my other site explaing exactly how I got inexpensive clicks for ultra-expensive keywords.

Check out the info on the page here:

Trust me, it’s worth the extra click 😉

If you’re not going to click on it, here’s the jist of targeting local markets:

  • Google now favors local advertisers in their ranking, so you get a boost on your ads’ positioning
  • Due to the smaller traffic volume, Google won’t charge you the same as everybody else, which makes your CPC reduce by at least 60%
  • You can bid on ultra-competitive keywords like “home business opportunity” for a fraction of the CPC.

Here you’ll find much more details on low cost local target ppc campaigns

You can leave any comments here (or on the Friend Connect bar up top).

The PPC Domination Launch and Why You’re Wasting Money!

Unless you’ve been living under an internet-free rock, you’ve probably heard of Mike Dillard’s new launch, PPC Domination.

——–> <———
A quick background on Mike’s protocol for these products will tell you he not only offers his own knowledge, but he brings only the best professionals into play.

Mark Wieser, the sponsoring phenomena, is the man for Black Belt Recruiting; Tim Erway is one of his partners for the amazing Traffic Formula; and now he’s bringing Jim Yaghi to lead PPC Domination.

If you stop reading now, you’re wasting your money by even having an internet connection. You NEED this, and you WILL thank me for it. Continue reading The PPC Domination Launch and Why You’re Wasting Money!

Finally a Real Marketing System/Plan/Blueprint

One of my goals for 2009 is to start a new brand, and implement an automated marketing system that would make Mike Dillard and Jay Kubassek ask me for advice.

The first drawing of my marketing system was made about 3 days ago, and while I was rounding up feedback from experienced marketers that I trust, some additions were made. This is not – by far – the ultimate plan, but I wanted to open the debate to other networkers, as I have never seen any marketing expert publicize their plans.

2009 Marketing System
2009 Marketing System

So, my Social Media participation is on the top – it is the beginning of my customer experience cycle Continue reading Finally a Real Marketing System/Plan/Blueprint

Heart Attack Monday – Passion and Purpose on MLM

“The real voyage to discovery consists not in seeking out new land, but in seeing with new eyes” Marcel Proust.

It all comes down to Passion and Purpose.

Find your market. Understand your market. Profile, personalize, customize, and embrace your market. Address all of its particular pains, find that pleasure spot, offer them a solution, and you’re rich. Simple, right?

The fact is, you don’t know who your market is, or how to offer them a solution, until you determine two things: your Passion and your Purpose.

Passion unlocks the door to your destiny, and widens your opportunities. When you’re aligned with a passion, you wake up in the morning feeling exhilarated, ready to take on Google, Facebook, and even your neighbors with one hand tied behind your back.

That sounds too good. Now how do I start?

When thinking about Passion, you should ask yourself “What do I like the most?” “What do I care about?” Write all your answers down. Keep them close.

Once you have the answers written, answer another set of questions, starting with “What are my gifts?” Nature has made you the perfect example for some unique characteristic only you will ever have. Through the six degrees of separation, your body has very small percentages of Shakespeare’s, Lincoln’s, Ford’s, and Iacocca’s atoms. Your gifts, however, come from a combination that is truly, universally, uniquely yours. Find them, and write them down on another piece of paper.

Now compare both lists. You’ll see most of what you’re passionate about intersects with something you’re talented at.

Your results should necessarily relate to your daily activities. Of course, for most people, employees, business owners, and marketers alike, the list represents a dream life; one to be obtained in retirement, if ever.

This simple exercise helps determine your Purpose. Your Purpose is the universal component binding all your actions towards a greater destiny.

When the answer is not yet clear, you can apply the same exercise to determine your Purpose. Just simply follow “What are my gifts?” with “How do I apply them?”

The Rubber Band Effect – Transition Period

The main difficulty to be faced in your path to Purpose is your own comfort zone. In a natural act of self-defense, individuals retract, adapt, absorb, and allow their minds to believe their environment is “safe”, their paycheck offers them enough to get by, or that dreams don’t pay the bills.

If you were to draw a circle of your comfort zone, with you in the middle, where would your Passion be? Which one of the items you listed is included inside your circle?

When reaching for your true calling, you have to be prepared to get out of your comfort zone. Accepting the fact that your current environment is not going to deliver any dreams is the beginning of your path.

In transitioning to a Purposeful life, getting past the barrier of your comfort zone, imagine a rubber band: when you stretch a rubber band, one end wants desperately to break free so it can come back to its relaxed stage. However, once you held that rubber band stretched to its maximum for a couple of minutes, it will never get back to its original form.

Heart Attack Monday

It is a medical statistic that heart attacks happen 4 times more often on Mondays, from 7am to 8pm, than anytime during the week. It is exactly like the bumper sticker says: “I ran out of sick days, so I called in DEAD”.

There are many examples of highly successful individuals who answered their Purpose’s calling, and by doing so, contributed immensely to their fields: Bill Gates quit Harvard to go play with computers on his mother’s basement. In our own field, inside our own community, it starts with Mike Dillard – what if he had decided to stay at PF Chang’s and waited for a promotion? Ferny Ceballos and Raymond Fong were both well paid engineers; they could have settled and waited for a promotion as well.

What are you afraid of?

Fear is the only thing that can stop you from living your dreams.

Be courageous, get out of your comfort zone, and conquer your fear.

People with purpose and passion live a different kind of life; while others just make a living, they make a difference!

Are you making a living or making a LIFE??