Is There Such A Thing As Duplication on MLM/Network Marketing?

MLM Duplication Is A Legend
MLM Duplication Is A Legend

When I first started, I did believe that a magical system would find my leads, close them, and just send me the money.

That’s exactly why I signed up with a premium company, because I thought they had the most magical system.

When I realized there is no “automated money system”, I converted my faith to my sponsor. I thought that was the guy who was going to share with me the secret and take me by the hand to the millionaire land.

And he did. He explained everything he does, how he does it, and he even GAVE ME LEADS! I listened to him talking to prospects, I looked into his Adwords campaign, and asked all possible questions.

I applied everything he taught me. I ran my first adwords campaign – on a replicated company website – until my credit card maxed out at $1500. I still go back and look at that first adwords account – I actually paid $11 PER CLICK on a certain keyword.

I did generate leads, and I called all of them, following the script my sponsor passed on to me, only to achieve ZERO results.

So I narrowed my errors to the company-replicated website – I went out and got a decent site. I also decided that 15 minutes of Adwords training weren’t going to cut, so I bought Jim Yaghi’s PPC Domination.

Now, I had a great site, and quite a bit of knowledge regarding PPC. Exactly how my sponsor did.

Still, I had no results – few leads, ZERO conversions, NEGATIVE profits. How? How?

When I contacted my sponsor, the guy I was trying to copy, he looked over my entire marketing and said:

“dude, you’re doing everything I do. There’s nothing else to say! Try to find better keywords, and practice your phone skills”

That’s when it hit me: I CAN’T BE MY SPONSOR. There’s no CTRL+C and CTRL+V when it comes to running a business – even McDonald’s’ franchises have different results. And I should’ve known this, because my father owned a restaurant franchise for almost 10 years and he only succeeded when he opened his own.

There is no Duplication. When I hear marketers talking about “keep it simple, so others can do the same” or “blueprints to success” it bothers me for two reasons:

  1. Do they actually believe their success can be replicated? How many of their downlines actually did?
  2. Are they a duplicated product? If so, what would keep me from going straight to THEIR upline? To the source?

The concept of duplication is nothing more than a legend.

If you’re new to network marketing, or if you’re a veteran training your team, FORGET DUPLICATION and focus on EDUCATION. Learn (or teach) as much as you can, from as many different sources as possible, and apply it in a manner customized for your business.

To paraphrase that common saying:

“give your prospect a formula, and he may eat today; give him the tools to create his own formula, and he will feast forever”