On PPC Management & Web Development (Make BIG Money With It!)

Market & Convert offers small business customized web marketing solutions
Market & Convert offers small business customized web marketing solutions

So I’ve been working with small and medium businesses across the U.S creating solutions for their online marketing. Ironically enough, my own company’s website is not ready yet – but it should give you an idea of what we’re all about.

I’m writing this post for two reasons – I want your opinion on the content of the site: does it explain its purpose? What information is missing? Would you like to see prices?

Secondly, I’m officially inviting the selective readers of this blog to become affiliates for my company. With this offer, I blatantly invite you to advertise my company and I’ll pay you well for it.

1. What’s missing on the site?

Yeah, I know it’s not finished – heck, I’ve got all designers tied up with clients and I dont have a lot of time to get it finished myself. But on the parts that are already up, what is your impression of it?

I plan on adding free ppc tutorials there, and expand the navigation to a total of 25-30 pages.

But what would you expect to see when you arrived at the site? What would a business owner need to see in order to understand what we do?

2. Let me pay you for referrals

In case you’re wondering, the average contract for our services starts at $1000 – you’d get 30% of it.

One prospect that becomes our client for PPC and Social Media, for example, is set to pay $2000. How would you like a $600 commission?

Here’s the deal – post your feedback on the page here on the comments. I really appreciate it.

For those interested in becoming a partner, go to http://www.MarketAndConvert.com and fill the form to get the coupon. Our sales manager will contact you and get everything rolling.


Free PPC Management (including Setup) for a Month!

Free PPC Management For A Month?
Free PPC Management For A Month?

I will make this quick ’cause I really need to get some sleep – George Brown has just launched the Google Sniper, a great course for folks trying to make it in affiliate marketing.

The course doesnt cost nearly a 1/3 of what I charge for my services (PPC management is about $897, in average), but I believe it’s such a good course I’m willing to put my little outsource staff to work for it. Plus, they really need the practice 😉

So you’re getting:

 – market and keyword research2 campaigns setupall the ad copyongoing split tests (including website optimizer) – and an entire month of optimization. And everything stays with you after 30 days, clean and profitable. All for $77 bucks!

I’d have come up with more appropriate bonus for this if I wasnt so lazy, but what the heck – I know it will be worth in the long run when folks realize PPC is not that difficult (or maybe I will lose potential clients… huh)

So if you’re trying to make your affiliate business work, get Google Sniper through this cleverly disguised affiliate link:


Make sure you clear your cookies before you go to that page, or you may send the sale to another affiliate.

All you have to do after you buy it is post a comment here and I will get in touch with you to work out the details.

Why People Say They Have No Time For Blogging….

It Sucks To Not Have Time To Blog!
It Sucks To Not Have Time To Blog!

Okay, so I would never agree with anybody that said social media is a waste of time and blogging is for geeky people that still live with their moms, but lately I’ve been wondering “When am I going to have time for blogging?”

Trust me, I have this blog and its approximately 25 daily readers dear in my mind everyday, and I probably have 10-20 ideas of stuff I really want to blog about, but I’m seriously lacking the time to do it.

Unlike this post, I usually dont post two paragraphs – my posts have a certain level of research put into them, and I try to add screen shots, images, videos, etc.. to make life easy for folks who browse the net with ADD.

But ever since I started a online marketing & sales consulting company, I’ve completely lost the little time I had to dedicate to this blog. You may say startups are a shot in the dark, but in less than a month, I have 5 clients.

And when I take in consideration that this blog has only generated about $100 worth of revenue (from affiliate links), the amount of time invested absolutely does not correspond to the ROI. Thus, I’m focusing on the consulting area.

I’m working with local small/medium size companies that wouldnt necessarily participate in online marketing if it werent for me. I say that because I’m 98% sure that they wouldnt seek a ppc management firm or ever adventure themselves into social media by themselves. So they have me doing it for them.

A quick look into my portfolio:

2 Local Gyms: KnuckleUp Fitness –  Outer Banks NC Gym (they have a blog & multiple capture pages for PPC)

The Fitness Warehouse – Chesapeake & Suffolk, VA Gym (their page will be up soon)

Four Seasons Landscaping – Outer Banks Landscape Design

East Coast Construction Co. – Outer Banks Vacation Rentals & Home Improvements (under construction at the moment)

The Red Sky Cafe – Catering Outer Banks (also under construction)

At this point, I’m doing all of the web design, the ppc management, the social media updates, the video editing, writing blog posts, setting up autoresponders….

So you can see why I’m not that much available for blogging. But that’s no excuse.

This community (though smaller than I’d like) is important to me and I shall find the time to keep up with it.

Hope you stick around with me.