Get Google Analytics Installed On Your Site – Free!

Have you ever wondered what page on your site is more popular?

Or what exactly people type on a search query to find your site?

Specific data like that make all the difference when it comes to marketing your business online.

Google analytics has been around for a while – it’s 100% free, all you have to do is install it on every page of your site.

“it” is a javascript code of about 7 lines that change nothing on your site – it only allows Google to track each visitor while on your site.

It’s specifically beneficial to PPC advertisers to know what keywords are really converting – or for SEO campaigns to track where the highest traffic referrals come from.

It’s also one of the only ways to measure social media impact – Analytics gives you complete data on visitors that arrived on your site from Digg, Facebook, or Twitter so you can track your social media roi.

Market & Convert is installing Analytics for free

My web solutions agency is performing free analytics installation during the Holidays – to help business owners with their websites.

We create an analytics account for you, insert those 7 lines of code to every page on your site, and BAM!

The next day you can already visit your account to see traffic data.

All we need is your ftp info!

Visit our analytics installation page now –

the promotion is only valid until 12/20!

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What’s Your Website Score? Try The Website Grader Tool

Very cool tool I found yesterday around 2am (that’s why I don’t remember where I found it).

The website grader gives a free analysis of several aspects of your website and comes up with a score based on readability, loading time, and incoming links. It’s much more than a SEO tool.

Website reviews are nothing new, and there are tons of tools trying to convince people to buy their products after some scary analysis says so, but website grader is different:

First of all, it offers suggestions on what to do to fix the problems, in a completely NON-TECHIE way.

And second, their SEO strategies book is FREE. REally, free!

Go ahead and try it out. You might see things through a new perspective.