Get Google Analytics Installed On Your Site – Free!

Have you ever wondered what page on your site is more popular?

Or what exactly people type on a search query to find your site?

Specific data like that make all the difference when it comes to marketing your business online.

Google analytics has been around for a while – it’s 100% free, all you have to do is install it on every page of your site.

“it” is a javascript code of about 7 lines that change nothing on your site – it only allows Google to track each visitor while on your site.

It’s specifically beneficial to PPC advertisers to know what keywords are really converting – or for SEO campaigns to track where the highest traffic referrals come from.

It’s also one of the only ways to measure social media impact – Analytics gives you complete data on visitors that arrived on your site from Digg, Facebook, or Twitter so you can track your social media roi.

Market & Convert is installing Analytics for free

My web solutions agency is performing free analytics installation during the Holidays – to help business owners with their websites.

We create an analytics account for you, insert those 7 lines of code to every page on your site, and BAM!

The next day you can already visit your account to see traffic data.

All we need is your ftp info!

Visit our analytics installation page now –

the promotion is only valid until 12/20!

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One Tough Challenge – Knowing When And What To Outsource

I have to be honest – I’ve had really bad experiences when hiring outsource workers. Like really, really bad ones.

Go Cheap, Go Chinese!?

At first, I thought I should look to China and get the cheapest labor I could find and that they’d still be really good.

NAHHHH! It blew on my face – huge communication barriers, mostly my fault, put a stampede on my project as I was unable to pass my vision to them in a manner that they’d get the concept.

Plus, the 12 hour time difference doesnt help at all – I had to stay awake to make the meetings and that would really screw my day.

Then I realized there’s a reason they’re so cheap – the technical part came out decent (they really know their stuff), but the part that required finesse, failed miserably. Again, my responsibility to make sure they got it.

Outsource Much?

Here’s another issue I had to face head first since the beginning (and that still confuses me sometimes):

1. Should I outsource even though I dont really have the margin to cover the outsourcing cost, just to free my time in order to focus on big picture? Or..

2. Should I keep my margins high by doing most of the work myself and saving outsource hours for bigger projects?

The thing with option TWO is this: how would I close bigger projects if I’m stuck doing small work?

So what’s the solution?

Outsource as much as you can – but KNOW what to do with your time.

Dont hover over the outsourcing people when you should be focusing on more important things. In other words, letting them do the minor things means NOT thinking about the minor things – so give’em instructions, strict checkpoint deadlines, and move on.

Last tip: sometimes softwares can be the best outsourcers – for example:

ViralUrl email marketing allows you to save time and money when building a list of subscribers. The Synnd software is a social media marketing robot – that can save HOURS of work. And the right plugin can save you tons of SEO time – try Jeff Johnson’s free traffic plugin to start.

BIG ONE – if you know any good outsource/freelance agents – PLEASE post their contact info on the comments. I’m always looking for new people to work with.


Best Productivity & Offline Management Posts Ever!

Over the last month or so, I focused a lot on being more productive, getting rid of useless habits, and shaking off the everyday boredom.

I’ve also started dealing with more offline management people in my consulting hours, which has brought up some interesting concerns (and very funny discussions…)

Here’s a list of what I collected that I think you should pay attention to:

How to Increase Your Productivity: Get A Life

This is What Falling 20+Ft Does, And Why You Should Do The Same

Attraction Marketing: Why You DONT Want A Bigger Logo

Also, on our cousin blog, the Social Media Guerilla, I exposed one offline person’s difficult in assimilating what a blog is:

Social Media Guerilla Long Term Battle: Building a Community

Check those out, and put your comments on them!

Effective Relationship Building through Social Media

Social Networking - Relationship BuildingLittered with poking, silly games, and mountains of applications, you might think Facebook is just for kids. A year or two ago, you would have been right since majority of users were high school and college students. However, for the past six months, the group of users age 35-54 years has been experiencing explosive growth. In fact, these users posted an impressive 276% growth rate for the last half of 2008 – the equivalent of almost doubling every two months. So how can you capitalize on this? We have a few tips to make the most of social media, such as Facebook, for the purpose of relationship building.

Do your homework. Facebook is an environment that oversteps the boundaries between personal and business lives. It is a place where you can piece together your colleagues’ personality. That said, do some research! Find out your prospective business connection’s interests and preferences.

Make meaningful connections. Quality always beats quantity. Compare social media to a big party. You make connections because you are fun and interesting to interact with. If your connections ever become business colleagues, that is wonderful but it should never be your primary motive. Above all, you want to create meaningful relationships!

Use your toolset. You do not have to install dozens of fancy applications to make an impact. By default, your Facebook account has a number of basic tools you can use to help others get to know you. Write notes, post photos and links, and make an impression. You have to participate in social media for other users to interact with you and develop a connection.

Toss the agenda. Avoid trying to market yourself immediately. You want others to see you as a person. Just posting links to your blog and sending messages with clearly ulterior motives will alienate others irreversibly! Focus on being real and developing connections.

Maintain. This may seem like common sense but its often forgotten. Once you create a connection, you need to maintain it. That is, keep in touch even if lightly. Check up occasionally and see what is new. Read notes and statuses, exchange information, and help others out whenever possible.

If the overall message is not clear already, social media is about quality relationship building. Facebook is an endless supply of interesting people in both social and business aspects. If carefully cultivated, your relationships may develop into wonderful prospects for your future. Perhaps you know a guy who knows a guy? Use your connection and ask for an introduction! Maybe you have found the perfect business partner. Take a leap and make the most out of Facebook.

Old-School MLM? Darwin WILL hunt you!

Another post ignited by an amazing discussion at the better networker:

This is one of the most insightful takes on “old-school mlm” meaning buying leads/cold-calling/plasttering business cards/using valpak coupons – vs “new-school marketing”meaning leveraging an expert positioning to create attraction towards your area of expertise/cultivating your relationships/offering the most value.

This is a touchy topic, as I just had an interesting conversation with my own very successful upline, who is as I write this putting together a social media plan to improve his personal brand equity and to open an exclusive contact media for his large team.

As we were discussing his plan, I had the opportunity to point out the importance of developing relationships, instead of business transactions; creating multiple communication channels, and leveraging his knowledge and tenacity towards an easier-to-manage daily operation. Continue reading Old-School MLM? Darwin WILL hunt you!

Personal Development and Web 2.0 – Convergence is Key!

Personal development includes any learning, change, action, or anything that actually makes you feel better, or more comfortable with yourself.

As a recent discovery, my studies of personal development have changed the way I look at every little aspect of my life: work, family, business, social networks…

And it was enjoying the effects of the Law of Attraction that I found Manifest Mastermind on Twitter. As of yet, they don’t have an official website; their tweets, though, summarize most of the concepts studied in Personal Development. Manifestmmind is a refreshment amongst tweets, with great quick lines that just freeze your stress and allows you to breath for a couple seconds – a powerful accomplishment!

If you’ve enjoyed the movie The Secret, this takes everything to a second step. It amplifies thoughts, ideas, and atitudes through the Law of Attraction.

Go follow him on Twitter. And join their group on Facebook. You won’t regret!

P.S – As you send strong positive vibration to the universe, because you just loved this new group the Law of Attraction directed you to (through this blog), COMMENT. Let me know, I’m grateful for each comment.