Mastering Personal Enemies – Celebrate Your Inner Demons

Get more results by facing your fears
Get more results by facing your fears

Do you know the feeling of accomplishment you get when you – well, accomplish something MAJOR?

I have my heart pumping right now because I’ve completed a goal that took me 8 months to finish, a lot of sweat, tears, and MONEY, and now it’s finally finished.

There were plenty of times when I considered giving up, when I doubted myself, the entire book, my capabilities…

There were days I wouldn’t even want to be reminded of it – I’d avoid looking at the document icon on my desktop, and would occupy myself with a million other things.

Eventually, there were no excuses left and I’d concentrate on it for hours on end; or I’d assist somebody in my organization with a specific concern, and decide to include it in the last minute.

The saying “you are your worst enemy” applied to every step of the way, and I struggled with my own mindset more often than I like to remember; for me, it’s 1000 times easier to find defects than to praise the benefits.

Being critical of your own work is important, and recognizing your flaws allows for a honest, humble assessment. However, it was dangerously easy to let criticism be an obstacle to my workflow – I was blocking my own success.

Finally, when I had my back against the wall, with no where else to run, I had to fight myself, and I won. The obstacles are still there, the criticism still surfaces every so often, but I am a master of my own domain now.


The Expand Your Income manual is on beta launch at this moment, as the grand launch will take place in May. Limited copies will be available, and a special gift follows every purchase.

And here’s what the future holds:

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Stay tuned, because as I fight my demons,  you’re the main beneficiary.

To powerfully clean mindsets,
Leo Saraceni