The Saraceni Family Outer Banks Thanksgiving

WOW – What a wonderful Thanksgiving day!

It was the very first time we took baby Leo to a restaurant for such a long time (1 1/2 hours) – but as you can see on the video, our boy did not mind at all. In fact, he only complained when we had to take his plate away from him to go replenish it a the buffet.

Seriously, he ate more than my wife did 😉

And come on – could she be more cute? Did you see how shy she was at the camera? I got her by surprise, I admit, but she’s just too cute.

By the time we left, the entire staff at the Red Sky Cafe was in love with little Leo – which made it easier to justify the mess he had made 😉

But all in all, this was an amazing experience – HUGE thanks to Chef Wes Stepp, who invited us to his wonderful restaurant.

You can watch as Wes introduces his entire Thanksgiving menu on video here.