Creating New MySQL Database & Importing Your Old One Using PhpMyAdmin

If you’re migrating a site to a VPS, your first steps are to backup your database and then create a new account for that site in your WebHost Manager. This tutorial constitutes the 3rd step in the migration process.

Log Into The New Site’s CPanel

Once your account is fully migrated, you’ll be able to access CPanel by going to Until then, visit the following address to access it:



To log in, you’ll use the credentials setup during the new account creation process.

Create a new MySQL Database

You’ll need a new database and a new username, and then you’ll add that username to the database, giving it FULL POWERS. See below:


Log Into your PhpMyAdmin

Once your new database is created, you’ll find it in the left-nav of your PhpMyAdmin. Click on it to begin the import process.


Find the .sql backup file you saved during the 1st step and make sure its filesize is not larger than the maximum allowed by your server. The defaul import settings will work for 90% of these cases:

Allow partial import

SQL format

SQL compatibility mode – NONE

Do not use AUTO_INCREMENT for zero values

Once your Database is successfully imported, you’ll be able to see all of its tables. PhpMyAdmin will let you know how many tables were uploaded and if there were any errors.

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