How To Backup Your WordPress MySQL Database Using PhpMyAdmin

This is usually the 1st step before migrating your wordpress site to a new server, transferring it to a new domain, or for simple backup reasons. It’s highly recommended to backup your database as frequently as possible.

Log into PhpMyAdmin

In some hosts, it’s easier to log into your main control panel and then find the PhpMyAdmin icon. Below is what Hostgator’s cPanel looks like:


Looking under the “databases” section might help as well.

Select the Database to Export

Within PhPMyAdmin’s left nav you’ll find a list of your server’s databases. Select the one you want to export by simply clicking on it.


If you have more than one database and are not sure which is the correct one, you might want to FTP into your site and open a file called /wp-config.php – all your database details are stored there.

Click “Export”

Section by Section:

Click for higher resolution.

1 – Choose “Custom” under Export Methods

2 – Select ALL TABLES

3 – Save Output to a file

4 – Choose SQL under “Format”


Format-specific settings:

5 – Check “display comments”

6 – Dump table “Structure and data”

7 – Check ALL options under “add statements”

8 – Check “Enclose table and field names”


Data dump options:

9 – Select “both of the above” under syntax to use when inserting data

10 – Check “Dump binary columns in hexadecimal notation”

11 – Check “Dump TIMESTAMP columns in UTC”

Save it in a Secure Directory!

12 – Click “GO”!

If you’re looking to migrate your site, you’ll then upload your database backup to your new server’s PhpMyAdmin, using the Import function.

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