Migrate Your WordPress Website In 6 Steps Using PHPMyAdmin

Ok, the title is quite misleading. While there are 6 steps in this post, each step involves specific tasks. If I were to be totally true, the title would be “migrate your wordpress website in 59 steps using phpmyadmin, webhost manager, ftp, and notepad ++”. Gladly, the entire process is a lot easier than it sounds.

1st Step – Backup Your Database

You’ll need a fully functional, 100% safe backup of your current wordpress mysql database. Check out the steps to backup your db using phpmyadmin.


2nd Step – Setup Your New Domain

Whether you’re simply moving the domain to a new server or migrating the entire site to a new domain, you’ll need to have the new server properly setup before importing anything. If you use WHM on your VPS, you can check out the instructions to create a new WHM account.


3rd Step – Import Your Old Database

Once your new domain/server is setup, you’ll have to upload your database. If you’re migrating to a new domain, you’ll want to edit your database to replace every instance of [yourolddomainaddress] with [yournewdomainaddress]. I recommend using NOTEPAD++ to do so.
You can follow step-by-step instructions to upload your mysql database using PhpMyAdmin.

4th Step – Make A Local Backup of your File System

This is by far the easiest step – simply FTP into your top folder, select all of your files, and drag them into your computer to create a local backup. As you can imagine, we’re going to upload them to the new server in the next step.

5th Step – Prepare and Upload Files To Your New Server

The only thing you need to do before uploading your files to the new server is to edit your WP-CONFIG.PHP file. You’ll need your database name, username, and password. See below:


Good old Notepad++ is perfect for this task. Once your wp-config file is ready, you may FTP into your new server and upload all of files.

6th and Final Step – Switch Nameservers

The very last step is to switch your nameservers, pointing them to the new server. The DNS switch usually takes 3-24 hrs to complete, and a good way to check its status is to open a command prompt screen and simply PING the site (type “ping ‘mydomainaddress.com'”) and verify which IP is responding to the PING.

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